What Is A Mail Order Bride?

Mail order brides have been catching on as a new and very modern form of dating, especially in the last decade or so. But truly, this form of matchmaking has been around a very long time. Men and women have been connecting across international borders for decades if not centuries, crossing multiple time zones and mixing different cultural viewpoints to find true love.

I created this website to help the general user or the beginner get a better idea of how to navigate the terrain of “mail order brides.” As a newbie to ordering a bride through mail order, the task can seem very daunting (or even questionable) at first. For this reason in particular, this blog provides first-hand reviews and information to make the subject more accessible.

The concept of a “mail order bride” can seem a bit discouraging and even offensive at first. Unfortunately, this term has been passed down from a long history of men seeking foreign brides in faraway places. Maybe 50 or 100 years ago the idea of a “mail order wife” was more acceptable.

But today we live in a modern world where human rights are an integral part of our global village. So let’s get super clear about one thing right away — a mail order bride is not some girl you pick out from a catalog who shows up at your door wrapped in a bow for you to do with as you wish. Not at all!

In fact, I sort of hesitated to use the term “mail order” when I created this website. I only use the term because it’s what our industry has inherited from the past. Today, the term is largely out of use within the industry itself. It’s mostly used by people just getting started and then gets replaced with more acceptable terms like “foreign bride” or “foreign marriage.”

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International Marriages Explained

Personally, I prefer the terms “international dating” and “international marriage” to explain this whole process because it really makes sense.
Today, so-called “normal marriage” is rife with problems. Many people fail to find satisfactory mates within their own city, state, country, or even their own culture.

And often, people find much more satisfying companionship in a partner from a foreign location. There’s mystique and magic behind courting a beautiful woman from an exotic part of the world.

Plus… women in foreign countries benefit too. Hookup Mail Order Brides HERE.

In some foreign countries, women struggle to find quality relationships with men who can provide and care for them emotionally, psychologically, and financially. Typically we think of this in terms of men from the West finding women from the East, but it can work the other way around for sure.

Let me make one other thing very clear though…

Plenty of women AND men find lots of luck with love within their own borders. International dating and foreign marriages are NOT designed to eliminate local relationships. Far from it.

But as the saying goes… “to each their own.” And there’s nothing wrong with being attracted to the idea of finding love in a faraway place. The heart wants what the heart wants.

Types Of Mail Order Brides

Since you’re likely just getting started in this process, I want to introduce you to several different types of mail order brides.

Russian Mail Order Brides

Probably the most popular category you’ll encounter are Russian mail order brides. For lots of reasons, Russian women are in high demand (and fortunately, high supply). There’s quite an excess of these ladies in the former Soviet Union so you’re in luck, fellas.

Ukranian Mail Order Brides

Ukraine is a former Soviet bloc country. These ladies are super popular in the Eastern European Brides category, and for good reason. They have a very distinctive look and are also in high demand. There’s just something about that blonde and buxom euro look… 🙂

Asian Mail Order Brides

After clearing out of the Eastern Euro gals, Asia also draws lots of attention. And guys, if you like Asian chicks, you really like ‘em. This is a particular taste and also an extremely well-liked category.

Chinese Mail Order Brides

Among the Asian brides, Chinese girls are a specific group drawing lots of attention these days. Mostly because China is such a large and populous state, but also because guys are finding some good luck with fiancee visas and marriage visas from this part of the world.

Japanese Mail Order Brides

Japan also draws a lot of hits from foreign bride seekers. Japanese women do have a very unique look and attitude that’s pretty easy to distinguish from China, the Philippines, and Southeast Asian girls.

Philippines Mail Order Brides

Also known as Filipino Brides, these ladies are attracting more suitors than ever before. This is one category to explore further, for sure.

Thailand Mail Order Brides

Going much deeper into Southeast Asia, Thailand has much to offer, including gorgeous, friendly, outgoing, and loving women!

Korean Mail Order Brides

South Korea is a country not to leave off the Asia list. Korean women definitely get lots of attention, so a hard category to miss.

African Mail Order Brides

I hate to separate the entire continent of Africa out by itself, but generally speaking that’s how it’s done in this industry. Probably one of the last “emerging markets” to mature in the 21st century, Africa is beginning to occupy more of a position in the world scene, and foreign brides are popping up more and more too.

Latin Mail Order Brides

Going south into Central America and South America, there’s plenty of beauty and happiness to be found. Latin women bring with them a host of exciting and attractive features, including the allure of Latin culture and history. Very exciting!

Mexican Mail Order Brides

Just south of the USA, Mexico has always been a front-runner in America’s foreign relations. And it’s a lot easier to navigate the terrain of getting married, getting legal, and securing government approval for your newfound love and marriage.

Brazilian Mail Order Brides

Brazil might just have some of the most beautiful women in the world, so if you’re looking to South America, this could be a great place to start!

What Are The Next Steps?

As I said above, these are just a handful of the top categories for mail order brides today. This is not a comprehensive list but just a good place to get your mind moving as you begin the fun and exciting international dating process.

Now… it’s time to start exploring and interacting online. Remember: think of this as online dating with an international twist.

Here’s A Quick Start Guide…

Find some girls who strike your fancy.

Start interacting online.

Continue researching countries, cultures, and languages.

Keep working on your own goals and growth.

Find the woman of your dreams!

It’s as simple as that!