American mail order brides: what differs them from the others?

American girls

Special traits of American women and how to understand them

For a foreigner, the USA is a country of opportunities. Once you visit it or move there, you surely need to find a partner, if you’re still single. Are american brides for marriage full of opportunities as well?

American women are often naturally cute, sexy, and very friendly. They are welcoming hostesses, caring mothers, diligent social workers and volunteers, so there’s some place for warmth towards their man in their hearts for sure! But you should know what they are made from and how to deal with them.

  1. American girls date openly and start doing that early. They have no inner boundaries and are open-minded about sex. In fact, they are rarely single and always have someone courting them, so if you met a single American woman online, try to catch your chance quickly.
  2. Although American girls can have sex for fun or for a good health, in between their career and meetings with friends, they do not imagine their future life without a family. Because of that, mail order brides usa highly appreciate a man who is equally family-oriented, and they all dream about a beautiful proposal.
  3. American women may seem cold towards their close people at times, but they are just stressed by social frames and demands. In the USA, you need to be successful or at least able to pay your bills; you need to be the best parent at school; you need to have the neatest yard and garden; and many other things. Girls are raised in this atmosphere of constant competition and demands as well as the boys, so they just try to keep up. Nothing personal!American women
  4. You should know that american mail order brides are not pathetic about places for dating at all. Even Slavic women are more spoiled in that regard because they always expect you to take them to fanciest restaurants of the city. American girls are ok to meet in a bar, pub, or fast food cafe, they just want some diversity for special occasions. So take them to good middle-priced places only if you dine together with their parents or you celebrate some festive day together. The coolest restaurant with sky-high prices might be scary for her unless she is a celebrity, and by American measures, such a place is much more suitable for important business meetings. You will look pretty weird inviting her there.
  5. Americans certainly differ from Englishmen, Canadians and Europeans. You should never laugh at those differences when you are with your date. Their accent, vocabulary, their system of education, lifestyle, way of driving should not be the object of your jokes or critics. They may travel much less than you, read less books than you or whatever, but all that is explained by the reasons you didn’t think about, so remain respectful or you will be alone again.
  6. If you used to live a spontaneous life, it might be difficult for you to get used to all traditions and habits of American life. BBQ with your woman’s co-workers on the weekend is a must, turkey on Thanksgiving is a must, and going to her favourite bar is a must, but you can break that routine by arranging a trip for you and for her. For the rest of time, you have to accept her habits and preferences.

American dating sites and apps

Their flaws turn to be their advantages

American women are severely criticized at times, but their flaws are mostly the myths. And here is why:

  • Americans often complain their wives took everything from them during their divorce. Learn American laws first and don’t be in hurry to judge the women. It’s not their personal fault that law is on their side, plus, in majority of such cases a man initiated cheating or was a hard-drinker and abuser.
  • American women seem colder mothers than Europeans and especially Slavs. Again, the society and harsh reality dictate their rules. The majority are very protective and caring mothers, but those ones who are kicked out from work, from career, or even from social life, prefer to leave the kids with their dad rather than eventually putting them in foster care.
  • Many claim American girls aren’t feminine. That’s why lots of American men prefer Eastern European women. But wait, what about the progress in minds and technologies that made it possible to wear comfortable clothes only? With their running to work and back, a lot of driving, and doing lots of sports in between it’s only natural that they prefer casual or sportive clothes and shoes with the minimum of makeup. At least, mail order brides usa make much less tattoos than German and Australian girls, they have less body piercing and experiment less with the hair color.
  • Some men are afraid that American girls are too open-minded about sex so they are chronic cheaters. That’s not true. They might have multiple partners in their late teens but once they reach a certain age, they are definitely focused on one man only and a happy marriage. All their culture is focused on that. There’s much more agitation and propaganda of family values in Hollywood than LGBTQ propaganda. As a result, mail order brides united states of any age are quite sentimental and conservative when it comes to a long-term partnership, and they remain faithful.
  • Another myth is that American women are too much career-oriented. First of all, they are much less obsessed with their work than Swedish or German women. Secondly, since they do have family values, they always try to combine their duties at work with their family duties. They surely do not dedicate so much time and efforts to family duties as Slavic women, but let’s be real, do you really want to be the only sponsor / giver in a family where everything is super clean and tidy? You aren’t a sugar daddy and your wife shouldn’t be a sugar baby. So it’s better to appreciate hard-working american brides for marriage who want to actively participate in a family business.

American girls and the money

Since financial matters are always the most discussed and doubtful, there is a separate chapter about mail order brides usa and the money. There are many complaints from American men about women’s materialistic attitude. But men aren’t helpless romantic nerds either. This country dictates its rules of survival and the most successful people in it had to be materialistic to keep on paying everyday bills.

The most famous lawyers, actors, businessmen had to be materialistic to start making good money. As to simple girls and women, whose families probably could not afford their education in Universities or went to huge debts and credits to cover it, they just behave naturally. Another kind of mentality could not be formed in the country of dollars and sky-scrapers. As we said, an average man should be really thankful to american mail order brides for their ability to make money.american brides for marriage

As to women’s willing to receive expensive gifts from men, at least for special occasions, it’s zero in comparison with sky-high wishes of South Korean girls or, for example, Russian and Ukrainian girls who traditionally dream about the fur coat from their man. Do you know how much it costs?

Let’s remember that only so-called losers complain about women’s tendency to see the honourable provider in them. Democratic and feminist America isn’t the most demanding country in this regard. They just work very hard themselves and want to see an equal partner on their side. There are enough cougars in the USA as well who are ready to provide a handsome young guy, but it’s not an option for a strong man like you.

It’s much more pleasant to go for young and healthily ambitious mail order brides usa who are able to be money makers, passionate lovers, supportive partners, and loving mommies to your common kids at the same time. Nothing is impossible when you mind is set correctly and you are full of optimism during your search on American dating sites and apps!

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