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Why join: There is a big variety of now-popular dating sites, and a considerable part of them is dedicated to interracial relationships. is one of them. It’s really a good finding for someone who is addicted to Asian face features and petite doll-like figures of beautiful females. The statistics shows it’s a turn-on for many man, while the society is totally acceptable towards the relationships between different ethnicities. There are many breath-taking models exactly among the Asian ladies as the world admires their bright femininity and sexuality. Their style is very special and easily recognizable, with that half-childish playful image and innocent look. Some find this very seductive and alluring. That’s why such sites as are getting a great attention from the men worldwide, partially thanks to its gracious and user-friendly design and a big quantity of Asian beauties ready to meet in real.

From where they are: from all favorite touristic destinations such as Thailand, China, Singapore, etc. It would be fair to admit that girls from China prevail though. There are mostly women from big cities as it’s more typical for them to have Internet access 24/7 and speak some English but some of female users are from smaller towns and villages. Urban girls’ photos are often Photoshopped and too glamorous but country girls look more natural and casual. For sure, there are also plenty of women who aren’t afraid to travel and to meet you in your hometown but it should be thoroughly discussed. If you make such a step inviting an unknown girl to your home, be sure that you previously videochatted with her, saw her without make up, and saw her scanned passport page as well. Some men are also too cautious for inviting such a guest to their home: they do prefer to book a hotel or an apartment for her, but it should be presented in a delicate and tactful way to avoid any offences. You can find some practical recommendations on as well so you won’t get into a silly situation with a girl.

How to communicate with them: you can either correspond, chat, videochat or exchange photos and virtual gifts with the girls. The site also provides the flowers delivery with a short note included. There are usually thousands of members online so you can chat with some nice girls at any moment. In case some girl doesn’t speak any English, there is an automatic translation option available.

Anti-scam filters: every user of dating sites is concerned about safety and privacy of his correspondence and profile data. On, it’s not a reason at all to be concerned about. The site is checking the girls’ documents and verifies them only if all is fine. There are also special automatic filters of the words like “send the money” in girls’ letters so the fraud is minimized. But it’s important to admit that Asian women are rarely into any financial cheating: their main purpose is really finding a good husband or a mate.

Technical support: the team of the site won’t abandon you in case of some technical problems. They are online non-stop and they always do their best in the most polite and prompt manner.

The cost: a new member is presented 20 credits for free. For continuing with basic options, he has to purchase a Standard Membership. It’s enough for choosing the girls and writing to them or reading their letters, as well as chatting with them. Extra credits are needed for extra services such as the flowers delivery (that’s the most expensive one) or instant messaging. For 1 instant message one is going to pay 2 credits. You cannot order any real-life services though such as arranging the meeting, a translator’s services or booking accommodation. All of that you are doing totally by yourself.

The feedback: responses to this site are quite positive. Men are mostly satisfied by the service and succeed to find someone special with its help. Some of the love stories lead to friendship only but no scam or fraud are noticed. At least 2 marriages a year take place thanks to meeting through Those success stories can be read over the Internet or directly on the site. They inspire and motivate the men beginners to start their own story.

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