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Accordingly to its title, is dedicated to Colombian mail order brides. Since they are Latin American, it’s an interracial dating platform. The site is connected with,, so the purchased credits can be used anywhere and anyhow within the chain.



  • 10-sec registration
  • Girls of high quality, many are model-looking
  • High reply rate
  • 2500 girls online at any given time
  • The phone app version is available


  • Messaging isn’t free
  • No anti-scam protection
  • No examples of success stories
  • No blogs or articles with the tips, all is very plain




1 credit – $1.99

Premium Membership cost depends on the region


The Summary:

Lots of men are big fans of Latin American type of appearance. Latina mail order brides are always in high demand, as these beauties have much more potential than just hookup pretty dolls. Colombian girls on this particular site have beautiful faces with perfect features and curvy figures. They mostly don’t waste their time on long self-descriptions, which is totally understood. Their personality is shining through and catches a man’s eye immediately, without superfluous questions.

Why does it make sense to meet Colombian mail order brides online? You probably know that Colombia isn’t the safest place in the world. Quite the opposite, it’s a rather criminal place full of risky districts. It’s ok to travel there if you already know someone and have exact plans, but it’s pointless and very dangerous to hang around aimlessly.

Your next question might be, what do all those beauties doing in such a country? If they are single, who takes care of them there? Aren’t a half of them prostitutes or drug dealers? No, things aren’t that bad. It’s just highly recommended not to travel there alone and not to spend nights in the bars and clubs pestering the local women. There are big chances that Colombian men, always drunk and cocky, would want to “protect” the women even not knowing them in person.

The majority of women who joined, live in Bogota or other bigger cities of Colombia. They have a better education than girls from small towns and can speak some English. Their beauty can be in use there: beautiful women work on TV channels, as fashion models and so on. The only problem they have, is a decent life partner. Colombian men aren’t really gentlemen, they are short-tempered and like to drink, so polite Westerners are like princes charming in local girls’ eyes.

What to expect from dating a Colombian woman? Latin mail order brides are in general very traditional and depend on a man a lot. Colombia isn’t an exception. Huge fancy malls and other areas of luxury life started to appear in Bogota only in last decades, and women indeed want men to open this world of comfort and glamour for them. ColombiaLady administrators aren’t even trying to hide that scam and begging for money is a part of correspondence on the site. Many girls tend to seek sugar dating. The same happens in reality when you come to visit.

On another hand, Colombian women still aren’t too spoiled. They can be happy enough with modest gifts that you bring: just make sure there are several of them, and you chose them with proper care. These girls want you to impress them only on the courtship stage. Later on, they make perfect wives who never waste the family budget or domesticity for nothing. Their natural physical data is so amazing that it isn’t hard for them to look like supermodels even in cheaper clothes so it’s definitely the right choice for any Western beauty lover.

But let’s return to the site quality. There aren’t many reviews from the male users on the Internet, but there aren’t many complaints either. The site dedicates a lot of attention to women’s professional photos that look very impressive. It isn’t hard for Colombian girls to be impressive though with their sensual shapes and glances. The site administrators apologize for women’s mistakes in the messages and insist they are the signs of sincerity since professional daters write flawlessly. At the same time, almost 100% response rate is a bit suspicious. This feeling is enforced by the fact that ColombiaLady is a part of a big dating corporation that embraces multiple sites and regions. For sure, it’s a business first of all.

Let us admit that dating sites which aren’t willing to bear the responsibility, suggest to their male customers to use common sense and be cautious. ColombiaLady is doing just the same. It cannot be called an expensive dating site so we won’t take this statement as unfair one, but it tells a lot anyway. We would assume that seeking Colombian mail order brides on this site is safer than on Colombian streets, but one should be extremely wise and analysing all the way long.

Start from choosing the average-looking girl rather than absolutely gorgeous one. The gorgeous one might be more spoiled and demanding, so this communication will take a bunch of money from you. Plus to that, it’s harder for such a girl to wait for your arrival and remain faithful in a distant relationship. She may be attacked by local admirers everywhere she goes. Latino women and men are very passionate by nature so you can forget about a normal happiness with such a girl. Colombian girls look less modest than Filipino women, for example, and believe us – they are less modest indeed! Did we mention that Western men are often beaten by locals for showing up with a stunning girl? It isn’t romantic at all!

Very glamorous-looking chicks are almost always professional golddiggers. They survive on men’s gifts and bribes. You certainly don’t want to be one of the multiple pigeons who is paying her bills and Skyping with her on Wednesdays as other days are already scheduled. It’s true for Colombian culture if not for Eastern European reality where all girls are born models.

Average-looking Colombian mail order brides are still damn pretty and able to make any man’s happy with their hotness and devotion. But be careful: you may get what you want. If one of them really falls in love with you, she will be chasing you, checking on you, and suspecting you in love crimes every minute! Yep, Latin beauties are extremely jealous. Are you ready? doesn’t break its bones trying hard to convince you with their success stories. There are probably none or the administrators never gather them. They suggest men totally rely on their own luck and adventurous spirit to find someone real. Therefore, just grab any girl who looks real, ask her to send as many family photos and recent selfies as possible, try to get her direct contacts, and fly to Bogota. For safety reasons, it’s better if you do so with 5+ women of different ages. There are always more chances with an older woman. At least you will not regret your lonely trip to Colombia.

In general, all those complications are worthy of your efforts since Colombian women are unique and unforgettable. They are easier to conquer than many other Latino girls and they are killingly sexy. If dating or marrying a Latin beauty has been your long-time dream, you must definitely take a chance with a Colombian. Jealousy is nearly their only flaw. They take their man as a leader, don’t like to be lazy, and cook delicious meals. They like to dance and they can make love for 24 hours a day, so make sure the two of you have no plans for the weekend. You may need some healthy food and drinks as well, to keep up!

If your intentions go that far, Colombian women are wonderful mothers. They usually come back to work and to sex life very quickly after delivering a baby, but they take into account his/her every need. It’s exactly the kind of girl who makes a house a home. It’s not obligatory that they are willing to relocate to another country since Bogota is very modern and progressive, so discuss this part of the deal on the early stage. It might be a good variant for you to settle in one of the peaceful areas of sunny Colombia. Otherwise, she may agree to move and start a new life with you. Latin women have their own opinion but a man is a head of the family for them, remember?

We recommend to single Westerners who are seeking Latina mail order brides but it’s crucial to follow the recommendations listed above.  We rate the site as “average” but more reviews from male users are needed to update our verdict. For now, it’s one of the legit dating sites specialized on Latin dating and one of the dating leaders in Colombia. We consider it to be very user-friendly, inexpensive, but obviously commercial and a bit tricky so one should watch out and carefully consider every action.

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