Do people really get married using mail order bride services?

In a today world, people create families at much older age than in a previous century. It is greatly explained by everyone’s race for profit and career-oriented priorities. In fact, millions of people aren’t motivated to get married at all as women became more open-minded about casual sex or non-official relationships and many governments legalized the partnership which is now opposed to classical marriage.

As to the career thing, there’s an interesting tendency. Many Western men indeed build their careers or gather the money to buy a house, establish a business until they are 40. But after, they don’t want to get married either, exactly because they have been working so hard and deserved the maximum of relax on this stage of life. They want to be able to travel at any moment, go out with friends for a beer or two, enjoy their organic foods or healthy and expensive supplements. From time to time, or even for a long period of time, it’s fun to share all those privileges with a special woman, but preferably, without children and without any obligations written on a paper.

However, even this temporary easy-going partner is hard to find in a developed Western country. Women there are often materialistic, demanding, and selfish. Enough to say that in Russia or Ukraine, a mother almost never escapes leaving her children behind. Such cases are extremely rare. While in the USA or Europe, fathers quite frequently get the full custody because a mother of children escapes, disappears, or simply refuses to carry the responsibility. If they are so ignorant about the kids, then what to say about their attitude towards men? They couldn’t care less!

No wonder that men eventually come to the idea of bringing a foreign wife from a developing country who would be less spoiled and more committed than locals. And here we move towards the marriage issue.

Although some Eastern European countries already joined the EU and got a possibility to travel the world with fewer restrictions, for a prolonged or permanent staying abroad a person needs to accomplish more serious steps such as official marriage. Being so archaic and unnecessary in all other cases, marriage appears to be the only juridical tool for keeping a foreign partner beside a Westerner.

Fascinated by Slavic, Asian, or Latin beauties’ hotness and simplicity, men are starting to wonder how to get a mail order bride. Success stories mixed with horror scam stories over the Internet, confuse them greatly. Online dating agencies are growing and multiplying like mushrooms. Among such an informational mess, it’s hard to find a guiding clue that will bring you to that special one.

Like we already said, men rarely seek exactly romance and sentiments in such a relationship, but rather someone modest, helpful, and reliable for going through all ups and downs of remained years. Both Slavic and Asian women are absolutely perfect for that. They are normally much less demanding than Western women, less ambitious, less selfish, and they do everything for their man. Not because it’s their personal advantage, but it’s literally in their genes. Watch some Soviet or post-Soviet movies about love and you will see that a man is like a center of Universe for women from Slavic countries, including the new generation. Latino women are a bit capricious and unpredictable but they mostly have very strong family values as well.

Mail order bride success stories are impressive and sometimes even striking. It’s exactly the case when a simple man, not only a businessman or banker, can get a model-looking wife with a face of celebrity and figure of fitness trainer. At least, it’s fair towards the Eastern European and Latin girls! But Asian brides also have their very special charm. Many of them are gorgeous, sexy, and endlessly youthful.

Sometimes free mail order brides become an object of interest for high-class men who need a very beautiful and gracious life partner with flawless manners who would become a good addition to his publicity and status. Statistics show they succeed to find such a perfect mate as well, mostly within Slavic or Asian countries.

What’s funny, this category of men often makes very unexpected decisions. The best example is the story of a big corporation owner from Switzerland who described his demands in detail: a slim elegant lady with aristocratic roots, rather skinny, with long hair, very feminine, with a perfect knowledge of high society etiquette. The agency was lucky enough to find him such a girl, and she even quickly fell in love with him, but he felt sick of her self-confidence and behaving like his buddy. Eventually and quite surprisingly, he chose and married a girl who was a total opposite to his initial demands: with an average and even curvy body, shorter hair, simple manners, plus, she was coming from a family that used to sell toilet bowls on the street market. However, she managed to melt his heart with her modesty, quiet voice, obedience, and respectful behaviour. Therefore, mail order brides from developing countries are full of surprises!

So the answer is yes, people indeed get married after using the mail order bride services. Sometimes life corrects or even breaks people’s plans but the ending is happy anyway. Of course, nothing can happen without concrete steps, efforts, and even sacrifices. Marrying a foreign woman only seems easy, but it’s always a challenging and many-levelled project.

However, what interests us now is how to attract a girl’s attention from the first sentences having so many male competitors? That’s a good question. Of course, you want one of the best girls out there, and not just a grey mouse who would clean and cook. After all, modern men perfectly clean and cook themselves. What they want is a bright emotion and overall caring attitude from someone who is eager to wake up next to them in the morning and to meet them after work in the evening. A cute and reliable companion.

But such a girl certainly receives hundreds of messages. Moreover, if she’s a normal serious girl, she is too busy with her daily duties to reply to each of them. Most probably, she is just looking through them quickly and replies only to men with a qualitative photo who clearly expresses his intentions.

Please re-read this: if you want to catch her interest from the beginning and help her notice you in the crowd of pretenders, start from a short but solid introductory that describes your intentions. Here are the “no-no” variants of greeting you should never start from:

  • Hi! or Hello! (and nothing after)
  • Your phone number or other contacts (c’mon, if she adds everyone to her contact list without establishing a mutual interest first, imagine how her contact list will look?)
  • Sexual hints, compliments, or statements
  • Enormous flattering of her appearance and romantic bullshit (you don’t want a stupid Barbie doll, right?)
  • Describing your previous negative experience online (is it really her fault? How can she be excited or enthusiastic about you after such a cold shower?)
  • Describing your expenses on this site or app and making her feel guilty

This list can be long but you already got us. Be positive. And not only that: make her understand from the very first words that you are going to take care of her and all the process of courtship, visiting each other, and upcoming marriage if all is fine in future. We are not suggesting you to lie, but you can share your positive reasons with her such as love towards kids and wanting a baby, your strong family values and your parents’ lessons of love and respect towards a woman, your wish to be a stone wall for her. We are realistic and we understand you will have to copy – paste this introductory addressing it to different girls. But we guarantee you will increase the percent of responses you receive back from them. Try it and you will see!

If you Google thoroughly the high-rated international dating sites, you will soon understand how to get a mail order bride and where to start your hunting. But if you also follow our recommendations listed in this article and other articles, you will also quickly succeed and hear the ringing marriage bells over your head. Yes, marrying a foreign woman feels like Christmas: this event is never boring or formal, because it means a lot for girls from developing countries and it responds to their inner values. The feeling of holiday and celebration will remain in your house for weeks, years, sometimes decades after the wedding. Just don’t give up, continue with your idea right now, and remain persistent and optimistic like never before. Like one just-married Spanish man said, “Some decisions may seem crazy, but some crazy adventures may last for the whole life”. Become a happy man too!

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