Is it real to find exactly a bride through these sites?

Yes, many girls who are serious in their intentions, join the mail-order-bride kind of sites. It’s impossible to guarantee their sincerity though as some are known to just want to relocate to a more successful country or find a lifetime legitimate sponsor. You should rely on your logic, intuition, and experience to find an honest lady who is going to be a good wife. Normally, such sites are helping men to make the right choice and providing them with useful tips.

Where should I search for a girlfriend if I don’t want to marry?

There are lots of dating sites over the Internet along with the phone applications. People there are searching for all kinds of personal relationships, from a short fling or one-night-stand to a lasting commitment. If you need one of those types of relationships, better avoid the mail-order-bride sites so you won’t hurt anybody’s feelings.

Is it very costly to correspond with my future bride?

If you’re not a total newcomer, you already know, that a membership or monthly subscription to the site usually costs something. It’s connected with translation services and the site maintenance. In average, it’s one hundred dollars if you’re not using any extra options. But it’s difficult to limit your communication with just messages: if you’re really planning serious steps with your chosen one, you are going to use the gifts delivery service or frequent videochats. If you are choosing between several girls or corresponding intensively for a very long time, your bill grows accordingly. Some men prefer to quickly switch to direct emailing or messaging through social networks, in order to save some money, but that us possible only if a girl speaks very good English and you already made sure she’s a reliable pretender.

How to avoid the scammers?

For sure, scammers are everywhere over the Internet. It’s especially disgusting and unfair when they’re using the mail-order-bride platforms. But in fact, it’s easy to avoid them. Use only the platforms where the girls’ identity is verified by the administration. Never send the money to a girl who you didn’t see in real: you should at least arrange the videochat with her first. Make sure her video isn’t pre-recorded. For example, ask her to show three fingers or write something on the list of paper. If the video is pre-recorded, there are only typical movements such as an aerial kiss, waving on you or standing up. Don’t communicate with someone whose letters and messages consist of complaints and help requests only. Also be careful if someone is using classical strategies for asking for money: parents’ or relatives’ sickness and surgeries, coming from the war area such as Donetsk, etc. Always send an electronic ticket itself instead of the money transfer if you’re inviting a girl somewhere. Try to meet a girl face to face rather than using an interpreter’s service all the time: some of the interpreters are professional scam-assistants too. Finally, be a good psychologist at every moment as a girl’s eyes, her face expression, and the hidden meaning of her words always tell a lot about her intentions.

Why would a model-looking girl ever look for a husband abroad?

You’re right, mail-order-bride sites are full of model-looking girls, and it makes you wonder why. Of course, some of them may be just looking for a sugar daddy. But you should consider the fact that Slavic and Latin American countries are full of natural beauties for genetic reasons. On a global level, the women tend to look more glamorous than years before, and spend their money and time on that. The women of great quality just don’t want to lose themselves in routine relationships with immature and spoiled local men who are often jobless hard-drinkers. So don’t be in hurry to judge those ladies and just talk to them, asking your questions in a frank and direct manner.