GoDateNow.com fullest review: everything you needed to know

GoDateNow.com is a less-famous dating site for meeting Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, and other Eastern European girls for relationships and marriage. It’s a pay-per-letter, credits-based site with a vast field of active female members.



  • Very intuitive and user-friendly
  • Classical and detailed search filters
  • Introduction videos can be added to the profile
  • Gifts delivery with the guaranteed confirming photos
  • Contact information can be requested after exchanging 15+ letters


  • No automatic matchmaking
  • No sufficient verification and scam protection
  • All processes and services are agency-centered
  • Pre-recorded video chats take place
  • No mobile app
  • Technical support is slower and more ignorant than promised



20 credits – $12.00

60 credits – $33.00

120 credits – $60.00

250 credits – $112.00

350 credits – $140.00

500 credits – $199.00

750 credits – $299.00



GoDateNow.com looks controversial starting from its mail page. It pictures two women, presumably Ukrainian, the one is mature and another one is very young. What should this picture mean? The variety of women’s ages in the database? An older Ukrainian lady with a grown daughter? And why do they look so American? The concept isn’t well-considered.

The next weird thing is that the majority of girls in the gallery, even those selected for the main page, aren’t beautiful. In the best case, some of them are pretty. Of course, those are studio photos and they are nicely edited, but the girls aren’t very impressive, still. We call it weird because Ukraine is full of stunning women!

Finally, there are some sentences that clearly show that so-called men’s feedback at the bottom of the page are written by the site authors. They openly advertise the site without any deeper critics, sometimes in a too sweet manner. No men would express themselves like that, especially on the dating site.

Now, GoDateNow is a PPL site. Each letter costs 7 credits, video message – 20 credits, and all other features are also to be paid for. As a direct competitor of Ru-Brides.com, this site offers somewhat lower prices. If you have at least a minimum of experience in online dating, you already know that PPL sites and apps make the most favourable ground for all kinds of scam and fraud. The girls and the local agencies are interested in the quantity of communication with men but not the quality. Girls are either financially motivated or forced to constantly encourage a man to write more and more messages and chat with them every evening. The most imaginative ones create really cool and unexpected reasons so men cannot refuse.

We thoroughly analyzed the responses from male users and made sure that GoDateNow works by a typical scheme, like AnastasiaDate and some other PPL platforms. On one hand, you can say that a Ukrainian or Russian mail order bride you are speaking to, is real. But very often, she is just a model who helps the site administrators and local agencies earn the money.

More famous and expensive PPL sites literally hire single models to cooperate with them. GoDateNow doesn’t seem to be a generous or prosperous site as they cooperate with simple, not too gorgeous women. Some girls are chatting for themselves and others rely on the professional chat operators from the agency. In this case, pre-recorded videos and pre-ordered confirming photos are used. You can easily check whether the video is pre-recorded or not: just gently ask a girl to show just two or three fingers, or to write something on a piece of paper. If you’re polite and not too forward with this request, a genuine girl shouldn’t be offended by it.

With the communication online, all is understood. The problems start when a man tries to arrange the meeting. And here we come to the main point: although the girls are real, they do have local boyfriends. Much more often than they should, the girls politely refuse to meet at the very last moment, giving very typical explanations such as “visiting relatives in a village”, “going for a business trip”, and so on. Even if they meet you, it’s just one or several meetings with the paid interpreter in between, very official and boring. A girl can even send her boyfriend to you as an expensive taxi driver. All the profit is later shared between the counterparts. Then a girl quickly disappears saying she’s “busy” and stops answering the phone calls.

That’s a sad scenario but it keeps on working for years. More sadly, girls start having real feelings at times but the local agency restricts them from going sincere. They don’t want to lose any single penny or to reveal even the smallest of their secrets in case if a girl falls in love with this foreigner, their “client”. Of course, it sounds like a scary and heart-breaking nightmare but it wasn’t our intention. Western men should be realistic but not pessimistic. There are some genuine jewels on any site, including PPL platforms. If to check and analyze mildly, without any stress or pressure, it’s possible to discover such jewels and find happiness. But the fact remains the fact: there aren’t many success stories connected with GoDateNow.com.

Finding a Europen mail order bride may seem easy with so many options and alternatives available on the Internet, but it’s better to choose the free or cheap membership-based sites and apps, with lots of positive independent reviews. Don’t take the failures too close to your heart. Many men decide to remove their profile from the site or even quit any further attempts of international dating. But it’s healthier to perceive it like any other online service: purchasing the goods for home or ordering food. If the delivery service brought you a broken chair or a burned pizza, you will not stop sitting on the chairs or eating cheese, right? Keep on searching just be wiser from now.

Ukraine is officially a           part of Europe at the moment, and it makes the travelling or even marrying process easier. Moreover, it’s a country with a huge potential when it comes to mail order brides. Ukrainian girls lived just perfectly before all recent political cataclysms, the prices were ridiculously low, and they still could travel everywhere with visas, so they had no reasons to change their life completely and move. This economic stability and good inner balance became sources of all that enormous fraud a decade ago.

But right now, all changed a lot. Ukraine mail order brides do want to escape from localized war, huge prices and small salaries, the atmosphere of hopelessness. It is only getting worse so there’s no favourable atmosphere for any romance or eventually childbirth. If very young girls’ instincts still aren’t awaken, and they remain in illusions that shopping for a man’s cost is all they need for happiness, then 25+ women are already in a hormonal panic. They need a nest for their future family and they count only on Western singles in this meaning since local men are either in the army or abroad for work. Others are hard-drinkers or already-married. There aren’t real chances to find their prince and live a normal life.

With such a hidden bomb in every single Ukrainian woman’s mind, none restrictions or created conditions for the fraud can last forever. Women’s nature will win anyway. GoDateNow.com isn’t the worst source for finding a Russian mail order bride or a Ukrainian one. There are genuine girls too. Add the economic, political, and psychological factors we shared with you above, and you will see the whole panorama. It will not allow you to practice the narrow thinking or go negative. It’s all true about Eastern European women’s traditional values and wonderful family skills, you just have to follow our recommendations and find your special one.

We rate GoDateNow as “average” and give it a big credence to show the full potential in 2019 and in the next years. We recommend it to 30 – 50 y.o. single Westerners who already have some experience in online dating but aren’t too disappointed or pessimistic to continue the search.

It’s crucial that you combine corresponding via such sites with free platforms and regular travelling to Ukraine where you can use Tinder, Loveplanet etc. They are well-adjusted for dating in a particular location so you won’t spend your vacation days angry, lonely, and disappointed in case if girls from GoDateNow let you down. We recommend combining all these ways because it’s just logical for someone who is really committed, and because Tinder and Loveplanet are rather hookup apps while this site is for marriage-minded people. We believe that by following our recommendations, all of them, you can find a serious and attractive Slavic single much easier and faster. We truly wish you that!

The last thing: always inspire and update yourself with recent success stories coming from different mail order bride platforms. They will strengthen your belief in real love and possibility of an international marriage.

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