Greek mail order brides: the most essential tutorial

Greek women attract

Greek goddesses of beauty and sex

Greek women attract us with a very special kind of beauty: exotic and bright. They usually have very expressive eyes, big and dark; high cheekbones; sensual, beautifully shaped lips; and a famous nose that isn’t small and adds some determined expression to their faces.

Most often, they have curly or waved hair, naturally dark, but some prefer to have them straight and even blond or chestnut. However, the majority of mail order greek brides are proud of their heritage including magnificent curly hair.

There are surely Greek girls with model parameters as well as beauty queens, but the majority of them have less standard parameters and it’s mostly because Greek cuisine is so delicious! They are amazing cooks and they eat a lot of meat and pastry. But modern Greek women lead a healthier lifestyle and remain very slim, especially if a lot of sex takes place! So it’s totally up to you how they look and whether they are compatible with you physically.

Note that greek brides like to dress brightly and stand out from the crowd. That’s a fact. They remain Italian women in that regard, but they use less accessories and makeup. As an option, they like black and white clothes, elegant suits, white casual clothes. But no one will remain indifferent looking at them!

Greek women know they are sexy, and do not make an accent on that. They radiate natural sensuality and passionate signals, so it doesn’t really matter if they wear frank open clothes or modest clothes. Their personality matters, and you will quickly learn to feel when they are in the right mood for playfulness and intimacy. Every greek mail order wife knows how to seduce her chosen one not depending on the place, situation, or type of clothes.

Greek mail order brides

Some reasons why Greek girls are so interested in you

Greek women are famous for their passionate nature and great family values. But how to meet them and how to make them a part of your life?

All single women of the world date through dating applications and greek mail order brides aren’t an exception. Some of them prefer only Greek dating apps, but the majority of them use universal platforms where all races and nationalities can be met.

So why wouldn’t they be happy with their local men who are equally passionate and family oriented? Let’s face some real facts together.

  • Although Greek men are indeed passionate, they aren’t loyal or patient. They never wait their woman to recover from the illness or pregnancy, they simply start cheating. Greek women know about that and they prefer to date and get married with a foreigner who will not betray them.
  • It used to be a Greek tradition to date only within their own culture. But Greek men broke the tradition first and started to seek Eastern European girls’ company as well as other foreign females. It is known that Greek men spent on international dating much more than any other nationality in the world. It’s only natural that greek brides didn’t really forgive that and started to look overseas as well.
  • Nowadays, every ethnic group craves diversity to not be locked within its own genetic code. Greek women are quite tired of the same type of appearance: short and muscular men with black hair and sharp noses. They often claim they like tall pale-skinned men with lighter hair and soft face features. There is also a belief children with mixed genes are more beautiful!
  • Times are changing and mail order greek brides don’t want to dedicate all their life to family tradition, to be just a new generation that creates other generations and nothing ever changes. Modern Greek women don’t mind to move to another country with totally different culture and adapt to it. They are so smart and flexible that they easily find job and new friends in another environment without having any regrets.

Greek girls

How to win her heart once and forever

Greek women are extremely cheerful and life-loving. They expect their partner to be always positive as well. They are actually caring enough to cover their man’s insecurities and negative traits, but sooner or later their patience will be over. It’s much better to stay optimistic together!

Like it was already said, greek mail order brides love to eat. Greek cuisine is one of the most delicious on Earth, so you are risking to gain some weight consuming it on a regular basis. They combine almost all daily activities with cooking or eating, and they surely want you to enjoy tasty food too. Although they are big fans of their own cooking traditions, they will be happy and delighted if you share yours with them. The main rule is not to eat boring or tasteless food!

Greek women are romantic in their own way. They enjoy your courtship of course, but they appreciate your obvious presence in their life much more, so be positively humorous and practically helpful. If you know how to support your future greek mail order wife with the right word and considerable practical help, she’ll be yours forever. And be sure she’ll do the same for you!

Making friends with her male relatives is a must. They aren’t overprotective like in Arab or Georgian families for example, but they care a lot about their little princesses and they want to be sure you’re a good person. For the beginning it may seem you’re not accepted, but they are just testing you. Keep on smiling and taking part in family events, and everyone will love you dearly including your sweet Greek bride!

Always keep in mind that Greek women can’t stand competition, at all. It goes without saying that you don’t discuss your ex-partners with her, unless you want to compare how much better she is. But even this option is risky! You aren’t looking at other girls and you don’t speak with female friends in front of her if she isn’t introduced to them as your future wife. Right, greek brides aren’t jealous by nature, but they’re very idealistic, and it’s up to you to chose whether you are “together forever” or you have just broke up.greek brides

Doing things together is more important for them than hearing your endless compliments. Just like Irish women, mail order greek brides want to be your buddies and share all possible activities. They are surely more feminine and they like you to admit that from time to time, but being best friends is crucial for them. Go to a football game together, then go to her favourite singer’s concert, help her family through the weekend, buy details for your car together – no problem, it will just strengthen your relationship!

Finally, you should know that Greek women are a bit extreme when it comes to sex, they are either super active and initiative or modest and insecure. And their behaviour completely depends on your attitude. If you want your greek mail order wife to be a true goddess of sex, keep on encouraging her and complimenting both her body and her efforts. Otherwise, she is getting timid even if she is a supermodel!

Greek parents are too traditional and too demanding at times, although they adore all family members. Your chosen one will be extremely thankful to you if you help her to escape from their superfluous attention and live her own life. Travel with her, take her to the most modern places, it will let her breath freely and love you more.

Greek women are very proud when it comes to money. You should never press greek mail order brides if they don’t want you to pay all the bill. It makes them think you are buying or bribing them. They would rather always pay for themselves, but don’t let them do so. There should be a healthy border between the old-fashioned courtship and her pride. Patronize her a bit but not too much.

Another important fact is that greek brides will respect and love you more for your good relationship with your own mother. All Greek families are a bit matriarchal even if they look opposite. Your beloved one wants to make sure you treat all women in your life well, including the most important woman who gave you birth. None Greek girl will trust you enough without this piece of puzzle. But if you show her often enough that you are very supportive towards your mom, your sweet bride will open her heart to you completely.


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