How to act when you see your hookup with someone

Psychologists teach, we do not own our long-term partner or spouse, regardless of being soulmates. But it’s also true regarding the casual lovers who are only here for brief sex.

So, when you see your hookup with someone else, it basically has no sense to make a scene. Do not react, because it’s not your property and the consequences can be pretty discomforting.

“It happened to me several times that I suddenly met my one-night-stands with other girls”, Helen shares. “Also, it’s completely normal for social networks where they post very frank photos.

I always knew it would be silly of me to act like I have the right to protest. Come on, we meet up for fun only and there’s a deal. I won’t allow my hookups stress me over other guys either.

I can only say to the beginners, stay civilized and do not shame yourself. Yes, they sleep with the others, but you must be prepared for such things from the beginning if you decided to hookup.

In case you like your casual lover too much, try to confess to a guy, but do not chase them, it’s unprofessional”.

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