How to make your mail order bride search safe and successful

Do you know that many single men from the West cannot join the dating sites simply because they are afraid of being fooled? So many lives remain lonely and boring because of these fears. The Internet is full of fraud, and this concern is heated by numerous forums about Eastern European scammers and stuff like that. But it’s important to know that genuine women and legit dating sites exist. It’s not fair to waste months and years staying alone just because a few people shared their negative experience and insisted the opposite cannot be possible. It’s not fair either to cut yourself from happiness just because you didn’t know the elementary rules of safety. Let us guide you if you’re tired of such sad consequences!

The very first thing you have to do is choosing the right mail order bride website. You probably know that sites like,,, and are among the leaders in the dating market. But even these best sites demand a big caution and correct actions from the users in order to protect themselves and find genuine girls.

Here are the warning signs that should keep you from too trusting attitude:

  • You receive lots of emails from attractive girls immediately after signing up. You didn’t even upload the profile photo and definitely didn’t fill your profile sections properly, but you’re already attacked by beauties. How so? It usually happens when the site or app are using the bots to make the male customers purchase the paid membership. Don’t consider it to be a real sign of your popularity, but don’t see it as a trap either – just ignore it.
  • A girl calls you “my dear”, “sweety”, “honey” in the first messages when you didn’t develop this level of intimacy yet. Many men find it ridiculous, especially older ones. For sure, a sincere girl will be more restrained and official at the beginning.
  • A girl is making naughty suggestions and sending vulgar photos not knowing you well enough. You can be sure she is one of the dating professionals. Such a behaviour is not natural for a genuine Russian or Ukrainian girl, not talking about shy Asians. In fact, many decent mail order bride sites have recently restricted the girls from sending such stuff to men, under the danger of penalties or being removed from the database. We strongly believe you’re a serious kind of man and you do not like such things either.
  • It’s important to analyze your communication with the girl. After a few messages, you should ask for her recent casual photos, the photos of her family, and the photos of her house. Be attentive to such details as the hair color and her weight: does it correspond to her profile photos? Try to remember how her parents look. If she shows you her family photos later at the meeting, you can compare the faces and understand whether she is lying or not.
  • The money thing. Of course. Every man who is into online dating is worrying about the money. Scammers are hunting the wallets not the hearts, but exactly the hearts are being broken by such cases. Be aware! A polite girl will not mention her daily problems. For sure, she has them if she lives in one of developing countries or in the country which is currently going through the economic crisis. But she should be strong and joke about them or try hard to solve them by herself. A romantic period should remain as careless as possible, and a man becomes responsible for his woman’s difficulties only after the engagement or marriage. However, it’s normal to help your girlfriend if you feel so, once you met in reality in private and developed a certain level of trust. But stay away from those girls who start to complain from the first letters. Especially if those complaints are very straightforward and typical: the closest relative’s surgery and so on. If you tend to believe her, at least ask about the smallest nuances and even require the medical documents with the stamp.

Those are the necessities, but many other rules should be followed to protect yourself. At the same time, it’s vital to keep the healthy position. It means, take into account your negative experiences but erase them from your mind and heart. You shouldn’t greet your future love with aggressive words and insults although she did nothing bad against you so far. Always start from the new page. Spoiling your own chance for happiness can be deadly. You are both responsible for a positive continuation and making it work. Check her and thoroughly analyze, but do not offend her if she did nothing wrong. A good girl should not be punished for someone else’s bad deeds.

Another vital point is discussing the plans for the future. Safe online mail order brides are ready to change their life and move abroad, from the beginning. They cannot correspond with you for months, receive the gifts from you, and then suddenly say, “Oh, my dad is against me dating a foreigner. He will never approve our wedding, sorry!” Clear this up from the beginning even before you developed deeper feelings. You should ask her the following questions:

  1. Do your parents approve the idea of dating a foreigner and eventual moving to his country?
  2. Do you plan to upgrade your driving license, English language, and education abroad? How do you see that? What is your plan exactly?
  3. What do you know about my country? Do you have realistic views on your life abroad?
  4. Do you know what kind of visa you need and what papers you should gather? Isn’t it a problem for you?
  5. Do you have friends or acquaintances who already married to foreigners and can inspire and encourage you? Are they able to help in any way?
  6. What makes you so sure that you will not become homesick in a few weeks or months? Did you travel far away from home before? Are there some friends who you are going to miss terribly? How are you going to replace them when you are with me?
  7. Can you keep yourself busy when I am away for work? Do you have hobbies? What would you like to do in this regard?

Of course, she shouldn’t solve all that alone. You are a man. You can suggest your own solutions and all kinds of necessary support. But she should have her own position and be sure about her choice, at least in theory.

Let’s imagine an inexperienced newcomer who finds himself in doubts: are mail order brides illegal? For sure, some of them are. But being equipped with the knowledge we provided you with as dating experts, you will be more confident in your actions. The endless field of Eastern European, Asian, or Latin brides will not seem scary to you. It will literally become your homeland where you feel comfortable and can recognize the good souls at ease.

Finding love is full of obstacles and pitfalls even in real life, then what to say about online search? It’s very challenging and doubtful. But everyone deserves to be happy and loved, even if it sounds banal. Modern American and European men aren’t too wealthy, they are simple people with average jobs who are in the middle of a tough economic situation. But Russian and Ukrainian girls are glad to join them anyway because there are even fewer opportunities in their own country and their local men aren’t respectful at all. These girls are hard-working and goal-oriented, it isn’t hard for them to survive even after the relocation, and they aren’t relying on their husbands only. They are real warriors who can adapt to any situation and protect their man and babies like tigresses.

Therefore, we recommend to every Western man to be very cautious and wise in his decisions but at the same time, we think that international dating has a huge potential. There was a time when almost every Eastern European girl was a scammer. Life in Russian-speaking countries was comparatively easy and they had no serious reasons to relocate. But a new generation of girls is tired of unstable political and financial scenery and their intentions are more sincere. Particularly, Ukraine got a no-visa status for visiting the Schengen countries and many people became completely open-minded and cosmopolitan. It affects the mail order brides too!

The world is changing every day and so are the values of people. But despite the feminism and women-centered views which are in fashion now, Slavic and Asian women remain very classical and conservative: they still care a lot about the family. Plus, they are far more feminine than a Western woman could ever be! That’s why the men’s interest will never fade away. It is fed by thousands of success stories proven with the photos and real facts. Now, what about your interest? Will you take a risk right now? Let us know!



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