Irish mail order brides and how to meet them

Irish mail order brides

Some wrong myths about Irish women

There are lots of legends not only about Irish folklore but also about irish brides. Are they only red-haired, humorous, and beer-loving, or is there something more interesting about them? Let’s see!

In fact, only a small percent of Irish women are red-haired; there are many blondes and chestnut-haired girls.

It’s true that beer is amazingly good in Ireland, but not all modern women are beer lovers. Healthy lifestyle, organic products, vegan food are in fashion in Ireland at the moment just like in many other countries. You will quickly notice that irish brides online are watching their figures and prefer to stay sober.

They aren’t dancing the Irish dance the whole day either. It isn’t even their hobby. They go to modern nightclubs although they know how to go ethnic on local festivals. And yes, irish brides are very flexible and animated!

As to their humorous nature, Irish girls are indeed funny and amusing, but they can be very serious when needed. For example, they work hard, they like to volunteer and be involved into charity, and they are very supportive when anything happens with their close people. You see now that mail order brides ireland aren’t too light-headed or careless: they are perfectly balanced for building a strong relationship.

However, we aren’t saying Irish girls are flawless angels. They are definitely real women with certain disadvantages and men should know how to deal with that.

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Irish girls’ flaws and ways to neutralize them

First of all, Irish girls are also influenced by western culture: they are big fans of shopping, Hollywood movies, and superficial values promoted by TV shows. But all that is easily washed away if their parents are rather conservative people and they make a good team with a girl’s well-educated fiancée. The less urban she is, the easier she will recall her true nature and return to good habits. Christian values are also much better presented in smaller cities than in Dublin so you should probably search for an irish mail order wife from other towns and villages.

Irish accent is another little problem: sometimes it’s hard not to laugh or to understand what she is saying. But you will get used to that! Once you take your beloved Irish lady to UK or USA, she will quickly adsorb the proper pronunciation you got used to.

They are definitely a bit childish. Being mature and responsible in serious matters, they get stressed at times and start to eat too much or spend on clothes too much. Just help her get rid of stress with the help of sex, lots of sex! Once she recovers and gains back some energy, she turns smiling and very reasonable again.

Our experience shows that irish brides online dedicate too much time to their female friends. They need to discuss all events in each other’s life, constantly exchange messages, little gifts and surprises. Of course, some gossip too. It can be annoying. But don’t worry: this behaviour completely changes once you get married. Nothing bothers her more than her own family and your common happiness. Her female friends will be only getting her quick “hello” from now!

Irish women have a lack of femininity when it comes to accepting gifts and courtship in general. They definitely don’t know how to accept that, and don’t want to learn. They want to be your good buddies! That’s why they fight to pay the bill or pay you back, and to present something nice to you once they receive your gift. Cute and budget-saving? Maybe, if you’re not too old-fashioned! Well, it’s very difficult to improve this trait in them since it’s rather in their genes. But you can take this challenge as your personal one and turn her to a true lady step by step, who accepts courtship gracefully and elegantly.

You may notice that russian brides ireland are also a frequent phenomenon. Ireland attracts Russian people with working places, social privileges, and lower prices than in many other highly civilised countries, so Slavs often come here as tourists or even stay for longer periods. Russian girls in Ireland have their own flaws: after their tough, badly provided life in Russia or other post-Soviet countries, they are full of fears and keep on having this lack of confidence. It’s easy to win their heart by calming them down and reassuring them all is going to be well. They need to believe their career, private life, health, and other spheres will eventually come to balance. If you become the one who make them believe in this, they will reward you with the utmost love and thankfulness!

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How to attract an Irish girl online

If you’re a beginner in international dating, you must know that Irish girls are hard to attract at the beginning. Since they are extroverted and perfectly orient in real life, they are a bit slow and unstable in their virtual communication. Any other man who seems bright and promising enough, can easily distract them. That’s why it’s crucial to let them know from the beginning you are the best variant out of all possible ones. How to do that?

Make kind jokes, tell them substantial compliments after thorough reading of their profile, describe your current situation as it is. You see mail order brides ireland are extremely intuitive, they mostly can recognize the truth. So it’s better if you make clear when exactly you got divorced and why, how long ago you dated seriously, whether you are willing to live together and how committed you are, how do you feel about the kids and so on. Don’t worry, it isn’t strange or weird to discuss such deep matters from the 3rd or 4th message. It’s much better to be a little bit forward than to be quickly forgotten by her!

We already mentioned that irish brides have both a childish side and a mature side in them. You should consider both of those sides when you start communicating with them. Make them laugh and enjoy life like happy children, but also go serious together. Always ask about their parents’ health, about their dearest dreams and goals in life, try to heal their traumas of the past. Irish girls will not be with men who are perfect clowns and entertainers but very bad friends and supporters. Be profound and attentive, and you’ll win their heart.

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How to propose to an Irish girl

It’s no doubt that you will be quickly and completely fascinated by your cute Irish acquaintance and decide to marry her. Anyone would understand your brave decision as an irish mail order wife is able to melt a man’s heart both with her appearance and her kind heart!

Proposing to an Irish woman is the most exciting thing on Earth. If you ever dreamed to meet Cinderella or Assol from the Scarlet Sails story, in flesh, that’s definitely her! A bit naive, but reliable and determined, always youthful, but strong and energetic, she will accept your proposal like the festive event of all her life. And what is more important, she’ll never disappoint you or let you down! Such idealistic and faithful females are hard to meet in other parts of the world.

You’ll like the role of the prince charming more, knowing that she is trustworthy in real-life circumstances as well. So prepare well and do your best to make this moment memorable. The thing is that mail order brides ireland are very down-to-earth and they will answer “Yes” even if you propose in a snack bar with a big hamburger in your hand. But come on, what will you tell to your common children and grandchildren then?

Do not arrange anything glamorous like you would probably do with an American or European girl. Just take her to the waterplace or another place with a nice scenery, and wrap the ring into something unusual: rose petals or heart-shaped stickers. Remember about her childish side?

Accompany your proposal with romantic words full of real warmth and care. Actually, russian brides ireland will be equally happy to see such an attitude so there’s no big difference. Only very romantic Russian girls go to Ireland, being enchanted by its fairy tales and love stories. Create your own one today!





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