review and the users’ conclusions

Latin women won’t ever lose their popularity. Their gorgeous bodies inspire men to seek for fun and amazing summer fling with them, but at the same time their family values and other inner qualities make us want a lasting relationship with Latin beauties. It’s not always possible to find a right woman by yourself though. Frequent travelling is costly and you never know the nuances of mentality in each concrete country. Online dating makes such things easier, and you can get acquainted with Latin girls like if it was the next door gal. is one of the most famous sites where you can succeed in that. Let’s see why and how.

Why join: the girls are 100% real and they’re coming from different Latin American countries so you can plan your route and adjust your search in a desirable destination. The site is considered to be quite reliable and trustworthy, not to mention that its database is really huge. It is updated with new real profiles every day. There are many success stories already, if not about marriages only, then at least about long-time relationships. Which is a good surprise taking into account the volume of scam and fraud over the Internet.

How to use it: the registration process is fairly simple and totally free. It’s up to you whether you prefer to leave just the basic information there or fill up a long questionnaire, in order to find compatible girls easier. Like on many other dating sites, there are special filters by age, location, the presence or absence of kids etc. and they make your search much more convenient. Unless, of course, you just want to choose by beautiful photos and other criteria don’t bother you.

Extra advantages: the site is easy to navigate and organized in a smart way. New technologies are applied regularly. Since Latin American girls sometimes speak Spanish or Portuguese only, your communication with them is accompanied with a professional translation. Thanks to it, you can enjoyall the types of conversation available: correspondence, messenger, and videochats (video option is optional). There is also an opportunity to view the ladies who visited your page or added you to their list of favorites. You can contact them or block them depending on your wishes.

Safety: the profiles of the girls are thoroughly checked and their identity is verified. The administration doesn’t allow the vulgar self-presentations or the photos too much edited with Photoshop. Online support is considering every complaint about a girl’s request for money or inappropriate hints from her side, minimizing the danger of being fooled. The girls are from a big variety of Latin American countries but mostly from such popular ones as Brazil, Argentina, or Colombia. A good quality of their photos and their well-groomed appearance are a guarantee that they are coming from higher social levels and are better educated. Most often, these girls have a class including a good taste and nice manners. You just have to use a little bit of common psychological knowledge to detect the most sincere ones. All personal data you’re uploading, as well as a personal correspondence is protected according to the Privacy police that you can find and read on the site.

Pricing: it’s easy to watch your budget using New members can sign up for free but they should purchase credits in order to use additional options and services. You cannot save some money by buying the monthly membership though. Only the credit system works. On another hand, it’s very transparent and simple so you quickly get used to it.

Responses from real users:there are lots of success stories and positive evidences from the male users. Both adventure hunters and wife seekers are usually finding what they want. You can find many responses in which men confess they were fascinated by the genuine attitude, authentic personality, and great values of the Latin American girls they met through this site. They admit the translation service is also of great help. There is almost no negative feedback, sometimes neutral in cases when the communication ended with friendship only. 2-3 weddings a year do happen thanks to and you can read those stories either on the site or on special forums dedicated to international dating.


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  1. While men are usually more reserved and shy, women are often interested in men who share qualities that will make their relationship stable.

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