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Russian women need no advertising – they are acknowledged great wives and classy ladies. Russia and Ukraine still aren’t Americanized and the girls do prefer to stay feminine and caring. They present themselves nicely with the help of long, well-groomed hair and charming dresses or skirts. It’s typical for them to be slim but with the natural curves. Women from other countries are paying big money in order to have such sexy shapes and sensual lips, but Slavic girls got them for free. The feminist trend isn’t very popular in former USSR while the womanly and motherly instincts are pretty strong. However, Russia and Ukraine remain far from the real prosperity or social stability, so the scam is possible. How to avoid this danger while searching for a Russian girlfriend or a wife? is one of the sites that are highly recommended in this regard.

First impression: the very first thing you are going to see is amazing and obviously natural photos of the girls. They look sweet, fresh and youthful at any age, as well as their shapes. Some of them don’t even have much make-up on the photos and still manage to look gorgeous. This site doesn’t present professional models who wear extremely glamorous clothes. The girls on Myrussianmatch.commostly wear something casual but frank and sexy.

Why join: the most important factor is girls’ sincerity. Every man who is into online dating, would agree with that. is checking every girl’s profile data and her identity quite thoroughly. The administrators of the site make sure to call to a girl and speak personally, asking her special testing questions and approving her direct contacts are genuine. The anti-scam policy is applied to the girls’ profiles and messages. Certain words and sentences like “send me the money” are prohibited and can lead to the blocking of a girl’s profile. Moreover, every girl is rated by administrators from 0 to 100% on the “trust scale”. This percentage depends on her passport scan provided along with casual photos, answering the phone, the absence of male users’ complaints and so on. Thus, the maximum of preventive measures is taken. Other than that, you should be careful yourself and follow the general recommendations about online dating. There are many informational articles on the site aimed at helping you with that.

Pricing: once you are registered, you have to purchase some credits in order to use all options of the site starting from opening other users’ messages. There’s no Membership possibility, only the credit system. You can pay by your credit card, PayPal, Money Order, bank wire transfer, even by Bitcoin or FedEx. The cost of 1 credit is 1 USD,in case you buy 100credits or more. You have to know that every woman’s letter can vary in price. It’s cheaper to correspond with someone who speaks English well as the translation service adds to the general cost. In case if a girl refuses to exchange direct contacts after exchanging 15 letters, you have the right to retrieve the money back. On another hand, if you only had a short correspondence with a lady, you can get her private info (such as email address) by paying 50 USD, but in case if she refuses to share it, you waste the money. Finally, you cannot get the contacts of unknown girl with whom you didn’t correspond at all. In any case, all of those requests should be done through the administrators of the site only.

Nuances and bonuses: the database includes many profiles of Crimea girls. This territory is considered Russian at the moment although it was Ukrainian until the 2014. In any case, girls there are especially hot and dating them is extra pleasant as Crimea is actually a beautiful resort. Thanks to southern-Ukrainian and Tatar genes, they got expressive and piercing eyes, sun-kissed skin, and wavy hair. They are known to be more passionate than average Russian or Ukrainian beauties. Another nice surprise of the site is that every girl has her private photos uploaded. They are either more frank or show more of her daily life and activities. You don’t need to pay extra for them. Just ask the girl you are corresponding with, for a special password to open them.

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