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  1. The juridical area where this Privacy Policy is applied

This Privacy Policy is applied to the site Mail Order Bride Reviews only and is composed for users’ convenience, safety, and confident site usage. It includes the informational and technical services that our Company provides, along with some basic descriptions and explanations of the process.

  1. Safety and privacy of the users

Your personal information may be collected in order to improve the quality of our services or protect other users’ rights. We collect only technical private information such as your IP address, the time and frequency of access to the site, etc. This data is never shared or transferred to the third persons. It is used for operating your requests and online activity in the most efficient way. Your technical private information is erased or anonymized after 3 to 6 months of your last access.

  1. The rights and responsibilities

You understand and accept that our site consists of reviews on some popular dating sites. The list of them can be changed or modified depending on popularity or the Company’s interests. There are themed links and helpful tips presented on the site. Every user has the right to either enjoy those advantages and follow the recommendations or suggest his own views and corrections.

All texts are protected by Copyright and contain personal non-objective opinions and assessments. The administration of the site doesn’t bear any responsibility for your own experience on dating sites mentioned within the content. The guidelines are designed and given in a form of friendly advice and cannot be considered a full-length dating tutorial. The main purpose of the site is a positive introduction to the online dating process for beginners and people who may be interested.

The girls’ profile photos that may pop up on the site bar, are occasional and automatically chosen. Their source is a concrete dating site that is linked to . Our site doesn’t bear any responsibility for the choice or usage of the photos and any coincidence is unplanned.

  1. How to contact us

In case of any problems or suggestions, you can contact us at . By doing that, you can be sure that your inquiry will be processed as soon as possible to the most satisfactory result. For some kinds of inquiries, your identity proof may be needed, while for the other issues it’s not necessary. In all the cases, your privacy and convenience remain our basic priorities.