eyes-opening review from experts is a well-designed dating site dedicated to Russian, Ukrainian, and other Eastern European mail order brides, as well as Asian and Latin American women. It’s a young platform so there are around 60 000 active members in its base. The women are mostly coming from Eastern Europe and men are from over 150 different countries.



  • Quick registration, possibility to skip the personality test
  • Adding favourites to the Hotlist
  • Helpful blogs and articles with the dating tips


  • Unreasonably expensive membership
  • Top-rated brides actually aren’t that hot
  • No video calls in the app
  • No anti-scam system




1-month Premium membership – $49.00

6-months Premium membership – $150.00


Summary: is a Eastern European mail order bride site that seems quite controversial. It is filled with casual photos of the girl, not professional ones. What does it mean? Are the owners or co-operators too poor to organize the studio photo sessions for female clients? Maybe they just accept any girl from the Internet who wants to join, without the participation of local agencies. But girls also often have at least several professional photos that could help them to attract men. Instead, there are even some photos that none girl would chose as a front picture on a dating site. That’s why we are afraid it is more logical to assume that some of the photos are just stolen from the girls’ social network pages. It is sadly confirmed by the fact that Rosebrides doesn’t provide such a service as video call so one cannot check whether the girl is real or not.

Of course, there’s some real fish in any artificial pool and we suppose the site isn’t hopeless. It might use the strategy of many platforms beginners that create hundreds of fake accounts to attract the sufficient quantity of male members. Once it’s done, such platforms switch to more honest work.

Surprisingly, the girls from more unusual locations seem real. For example, Hungarian mail order brides on this site are very enthusiastic about the meeting in real and it’s possible to get their direct contacts. The same about other less popular countries. At the same time, after a thorough research, we discovered that a big part of those “exotic” girls were golddiggers and Green card-hunters. A famous victim of the mail order bride scam is named Jerry Mentzel and his sad experience on Rosebrides can be easily Googled. Only a small percent of such girls appear genuine.

But in general, the owners of seem to work very well under their online reputation, again, in an artificial way. There are no reviews from real users on the Internet, and some pages dedicated to such reviews are non-existent already. Those reviews which are available, have an official and promotional character. Unfortunately, it makes us think that Rosebrides is a purely commercial site, with its shockingly high price, zero security, and the lack of proves about being legit.

We think there is a reason why we rarely hear about Rosebrides at all and it isn’t among the leaders of dating industry. After all, if they wanted to keep their membership fees that high, they could integrate a solid anti-scam system into the platform, care about the girls’ photos quality: at least pre-moderate them, modernize their features and make them more innovative, and so on. But our experience as experts, show that the greediest dating site owners are also the laziest ones. They do literally nothing in order to reach a good quality.

We normally wouldn’t recommend this particular site for online dating. But in case you still decided to try, it’s highly recommended that you use the common sense and overall dating safety rules. Let us remind some of them to you:

  • Choose to correspond only with a girl whose photos seem really natural and she’s friendly smiling on them. “Predator” expressions of the eyes or lips are often a bad sign. Duck lips selfies are usually stolen from girls’ social pages. Analyze her eyes expression and profile details. If everything seems sincere, you can take a chance.
  • Make sure her first letter isn’t a copypaste introductory letter that she would send to just any man. There should be references to your own profile, calling you by name in every paragraph, and other signs that a message isn’t impersonal or fabricated.
  • It’s already known that if a girl calls you honey, sweety, and other ridiculously cute names without even being acquainted with you, it’s a warning sign. “Dear” is ok though, they learn in Russian and Ukrainian schools that it’s a typical expression for English-speaking people.
  • Always compare the facts she is telling about her life and family, in first messages and later on. Very often, a good analysis helps to detect a liar.
  • A genuine girl cannot be online for 24 hours. If she is, she is either a professional dater or a fake person. A normal girl has job, hobbies, friends, or let’s say a child, and all this takes a big part of her time. On another hand, you shouldn’t make a conclusion that honest mail order brides visit once a week. It’s another bad sign that most definitely proves she has a boyfriend or a husband. It’s completely normal if a girl is checking once a day or once in two days. Oh, and this principle is only fair for those platforms that don’t have a phone app analogue. Rosebrides doesn’t.
  • Track the moment when she will mention her tough financial situation for the first time. You see, in fact, it’s a real situation, very typical for Ukraine and Russia today. There aren’t many girls whose parents are rich or whose salaries are big. They indeed need some extra help to survive, and Slavic mentality allows to expect such a help from a boyfriend. But if you have such a generous heart and like her enough to assist in survival, at least don’t be naive or too risky. Help is logical after you started to date in real and got closer as a couple, otherwise, ask her to send you confirming photos with some words written on paper, as many pictures of her home and family as possible, recent selfies, and other stuff that proves she’s real. She must also prove she’s recently single. How? Simply by giving you the link to her social page, talking with you in early morning and late evening when taken girls are usually with their boyfriends.
  • Finally, she must be there when you two decide to meet. Exchanging contact information, answering your direct calls or messages, coming to the meeting, not being afraid to stay together in person, and so on and on – if she behaves like a committed person from the very beginning and to the end, you’re on the right path. But if she disappears exactly after your attempts to discuss the meeting or during the next stages, it’s too bad. However, not as bad as disappearing after marriage, so be smart to prevent such a scenario.

As you can see, there is a whole theory of detecting the truly genuine girl and developing a happy promising relationship with her. By the way, we doubt any girl from Rosebrides would pass all these tests. But you can try and let us know! It’s always pleasant to be surprised by the unexpected good news.

Sexy Russian mail order brides can be found in many places on the Internet but not all platforms are legit and trustworthy. It’s always better to join well-known sites with mostly good reviews and a huge database. In this case, you at least know for what you are paying. Some effective sites like Loveplanet or CuteOnly wouldn’t even cost you much. Budget-saving platforms are a blessing for single Westerners who are already responsible for one or more kids from a previous marriage, and have many bills to pay. It doesn’t make sense for them to spend thousands on corresponding and chatting only.

It’s much more reasonable to communicate cheaply and save some money for all the visa process, a girl’s relocation and helping her to adapt. The wedding isn’t the last worry either. Most frequently, Eastern European girls expect a wedding to be nice and festive. The absence of the celebration would make them unhappy.

Taking into account the recent events on the world scene, we recommend you to concentrate your attention and efforts on Ukraine mail order brides. Life in their country isn’t stable or harmonious at the moment, and many of them are willing to relocate. Not every woman is energetic or stupid enough to play games and go into adventures. The majority of them would sacrifice anything for a solid, reliable man, who takes them away from the chaos and creates a stable cosy environment for her and her present or future kids. So it all depends on you and there is a real chance for mutual happiness.




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