Swedish mail order brides: How to start first step

Swedish girlfriends

Why sexy Swedish girls make best wives

Swedish girls are super attractive in men’s eyes, simply because they are blondes, they are curvy, and they are very open-minded about sex. They are probably the hottiest ones out of all Scandinavian nationalities. But let’s analyze whether they are a wife material?

First of all, sweden mail brides are financially independent, and it’s rather a good thing for someone who is tired to constantly provide all needs of an Asian or Eastern European girl. They absolutely do not expect any trinkets or fur coats as a present, and they can pay the bill in a restaurant by themselves. Ah yes: they actually do not go to restaurants and prefer simple cafes and bars. Sounds like your private life would become much easier with them? It’s a correct feeling!

You should know that swedish brides are easy-going and down-to-earth not only in a matter of place to eat: they also do not pretend you are going out together exactly for a date. They consider it hanging out until mutual feelings appear and they decide it’s time for a kiss. Yes, it should always be their own decision!

They like to feel like your good buddies, until they fall in love, and even after. It’s quite relieving to see you do not owe anything to a girl and she can take care of herself. Only very old-fashioned gentlemen may find it a bit uncomfortable.

It’s also good to know that swedish mail order brides are cheerful, fun, optimistic, like to hug, like to share, and never hide things from you. They are nearly as open as Canadian females who don’t mind to discuss any topics with their men.

Swedish women tend to get married late, closer to their 30s or after, when their careers are well-developed already and they don’t need to care about financial stuff. They do not pressure their husband much as sweden mail brides got used to help and support from the government and society. They know they can always improve their level of life by themselves and are happy if their partner assists them but it’s ok if not.

Swedish mail order brides

How to court Swedish girlfriends

Swedish girls keep your relationship on a friendship level as long as they can, even if it’s already friendship with benefits. That’s why you cannot really court them. If you try, it will look weird like you’re not on your place. But just remember there are different kinds of courtship. If you try to please her like you please your male friends, she’ll be more than happy. Offer her tickets for a football game, take her to fish out of the city, buy her a bottle of some exclusive wine. We promise you’ll enjoy her reaction!

Another question is how to meet swedish women. Of course, you can search in the dating apps but you can travel to Sweden directly and take your chance there. It’s easy to get acquainted with the girls on the street or in public places. Unlike Slavic or Asian girls, they won’t take it as an offence. They are raised in the atmosphere of respect and equality, so they will gladly help you if you ask them any question, without being preoccupied or suspicious. By the way, the majority of swedish brides speak very good English.

Sometimes it’s just killing to see how a hot and hyper-sexy Swedish blonde takes you for an average pedestrian, tourist, or a buddy, instead of melting under your charm. But wait, don’t be discouraged. In reality, swedish mail order brides notice your charm but they are well-balanced and relaxed. If she notices your male interest and decides she likes you too, she will make further steps.

Friendship comes first at all stages of your relationship.  Always try to see yourself from the distance and be honest to yourself: you wouldn’t control and stress your friends on every step, right? So why are you doing this with her? When you meet swedish ladies, behave politely and don’t mind stereotypes you used to follow in other cultures. Just be yourself and enjoy every moment of communication with her, in this case Swedish girl will consider you special.

sweden mail brides

How to please your Swedish bride in a bed

Normally, sweden mail brides aren’t too timid or too religious to make you wait for the first night after marriage. They are very open-minded in matters of sex although quite selective. Infidelity isn’t typical for them and they have stricter moral values than some of American or European women. They do not remain faithful for a partner’s sake, but for their own sake as they highly appreciate their inner harmony and peace. Also, swedish brides prefer sex to be based on such reasonable things as good interconnection, mutual trust, common memories and plans for the future.

So if you ever hear that a Swedish woman is cheating on someone, it means she is either raised in a different culture or her man broke the correct and friendly interconnection with her. But they won’t do that simply because of lust.

At the same time, swedish mail order brides greatly welcome experiments in a bed with their chosen partner, simply because it’s modern now. You may finally fulfil your most secret desires that weren’t available with a classical girl from Ukraine or Moldova. And all this is within the frames of official marriage! No wonder you want to marry one of Swedish beauties right now.

However, Scandinavian temper is not a myth and these women are definitely less passionate than Italian or Greek girls. But they are tender, positive, non-egoistic, and very technical in sex, so they know how to please you and themselves in a process. It makes nights with them very cool and productive!

When you meet swedish ladies, it seems to you they are the hottest ones, especially if it’s a Barbie type and not a tomboy type. But in fact, they need some foreplay before sex, and it can even be long enough. If you’re very impatient today, share some good red wine with them, and they may let you be a conquer for this time who enters his territory very suddenly without warning!

Talking about experiments, Swedish girls don’t mind to visit clubs on interest together with you. You have probably heard the saying “to live like a Swedish family” that means threesome or swingers. Well the hippie times are behind already and it’s not very typical for Swedish mentality currently but there is a seed of truth in this saying. If you’re an open-minded man who hardly imagines being with one woman only until the last day of your life, just keep on experimenting with your sweet Swedish wife and involving clubbers, masseurs, common friends into your foreplay. They may make your marriage much brighter!

sweden mail brides

How to meet Swedish women

Now you probably wonder how to meet swedish women if you go directly to their country without previous chatting online. Well, Swedish girls are big sport lovers and you can find them on the stadium or in sport bars. When they see you share their interests, they will be attracted to you even more! Plus, it’s a perfect place to see whether a Swedish beauty has a boyfriend or not: they usually attend sportive events or play sports in pairs.

Another perfect place for meeting a Swedish single is a sauna, swimming pool, SPA, or gym. They prefer natural beauty and put a lot of efforts to stay good-looking. We bet you spend a lot of time in such places as well, so it will be easy for you to meet a Swedish hottie!

But as we mentioned, swedish brides are totally ok with getting acquainted on the street. Even if they are walking with friends! If you ask them how to find this or that place, they will give you thorough explanations, and then you can move to more personal questions. If you start your conversation jokingly and with a smile, she’ll be only happy to respond as she will perceive it as extra fun for herself and her friends!

Therefore, all you need for meeting your future Swedish wife is courage, confidence, belief in yourself. It’s not a problem to start talking to them or ask them to go out with you. It will happen most likely, and you’ll be very happy together.

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