Thai hookup tips: a pick up guide to Pattaya, Thailand

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Picking up Pattaya girls for a quick and easy Thai hookup

If you’re planning a Thai hookup in Pattaya, first of all you should know what this city is all about. Pattaya is different from other cities in Thailand in many ways, and it’s recommended to get prepared for a particular Pattaya lifestyle in order to avoid cultural shock.

One thing about Pattaya, it’s a popular tourist destination known for its vibrant nightlife and easy one-night stands. Girls are more than happy to get laid here, but you’re expected to compensate it with monetary rewards. However, if paying for sex is not your thing and you don’t wish to feel like a loser, there is some good news for you: it’s possible to find girls in Pattaya who has nothing to do with paid sex services.

At the same time, they don’t mind to hookup with foreigners. And if you focus on charming these girls, you’ll easily get the cream of the crop – westerners in Pattay are too busy clubbing and pickin up professionals to bother about anything else.

How hard is it to hookup in Pattaya?

Well, generally speaking, it’s not hard, but such matters depend on a number of factors, so no one can say it for sure. As a matter of fact, women in Pattaya are more relaxed towards relationships and sex than in other regions of Thailand. This is a resort city, and everyone likes to party and have a great time here.

Having sex is one of the most fun things to do for a lot of girls in Pattaya. And if you’re a foreigner, your chances skyrocket in this city as the local women have a particular fascination with foreign men. Under such circumstances, arranging a Thai hookup in Pattaya is one of the easiest things to do.

That said, it’s highly recommended to avoid nightclubs and bars. These places are full of working girls, and it’s very difficult to figure out the difference between those who want your money and those who are eager to have fun. Yuo don’t want to waste your time, energy and money on someone who’ll turn out to be just a call asian girls

Finding girls in Pattaya online

Dating and hookup apps are by far the best places to pick up girls in Pattaya. Generally speaking, Thai girls are crazy about technologies, social networks and dating websites. That’s why you shouldn’t shy away from an opportunity of joining some of the most popular dating app and establishing connections with the prettiest girls.

Even if you’re not in favour of the whole online dating thing, it’s strongly recommended to play this game in Thailand. It really does the trick. This is by far the most popular way for a Thai girl to get connected with a foreign man in Pattaya.

So why would you neglect this chance? Besides, it’s much easier to approach girls online than in real life in Thailand – they tend to open up and flirt a lot on dating sites. If you’re wondering what sites are the best for your purpose, we would suggest checking out Asian Dating, Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid. All three sites have a large database of female members. Use the filters to limit your searches to girls form Pattaya and contact them with a witty and fun opening line.

When they reply, start talking to them and ask them out. Use these sites merely as a place to find girls and take things offline as quickly as possible. After all, you haven’t come to Pattaya to talk, are you? If you’re planning a Thai hookup well in advance, then you can spend a few weeks talking to girls before you actually make a trip. This way you’ll have someone to meet in a new city. If you think that joining a dating apps is a lot of trouble, it’s not so.

Present day sites are designed to start contacting people within minutes after creating a profile. It’s up to you whether to write a lot on your page or keep just some basic info. A good picture is the must though, so make sure to select a great one in order to improve your chances with hot Asian beauties. Each of these sites offer a free plan, and it’s possible to meet Thai girls online without paying anything. But if you’re willing to upgrade to a premium membership, by all means do so.

This way you’ll unlock a great many fun features to make your online dating experience even more diverse and exciting. Beware of scammers and fraudsters on dating sites though. No matter how great an app’s security system might be, a skilful scammer will always find their way asian women

Picking up Pattaya girls in malls and shopping centres

Apart from dating and hookup sites, there are other places to check out in order to find cute Pattaya girls. The first thing that comes to mind is the shopping centres and malls. Thai girls like to hang out in such places for leisure, so you always have a chance find someone for a great Thai hookup. Pattaya girls are extremely fond of shopping, especially when it comes to clothes.

They also beat the heat in the malls as they are predominantly air conditioned. Glorious Thai food courts are also a major attraction in a shopping mall. Actually, food courts are the best places to pick up girls – you can always offer them a cup of coffee or an ice-cream and strike a conversation. They usually come in groups, so get ready for entertaining at least a few females.

The best malls in Pattaya to pick up girls include Terminal 21 and Central Festival. If you’re interested in other popular places to check out when looking for an easy Thai hookup, make sure to visit fast food restaurants, cafes, public gardens, colleges and universities.

Nightlife in Pattaya

If you insist on visiting night clubs in this city, it’s recommended to do so on weekends. This way you have more chances of encountering a regular girl instead of a hooker. To choose a good night club, check out either Walking Street, where most foreign tourists hang out, or the 3rd Road, which is predominantly Thai oriented. Keep in mind that people in Thailand visit nightclubs and party in large groups, and if you’d like to hookup with a girl, you’d better be able to talk to all her asia girls

Miscellaneous tips on how to get laid in Pattaya

There are several things you should take into account when trying to have a Thai hookup in Pattaya:

Girls pay a close attention to a man’s appearance

If you’re a regular tourist in a tropical shirt, wrinkled pants and flip-flops, your chances to pick up a beautiful Thai girl are close to zero. Pattaya girls are stylish and well dressed, and they like a man to look presentable, too. Dress to impress a girl.

It doesn’t mean you should go overboard, but an elegant shirt, slick pants and a pair of good shoes will do perfectly well. Wear some nice perfumes and make sure your hair is clean and combed. A good shave is a must, too. Select some nice accessories to emphasize your style – girls all over the world like this kind of things, and Thai ladies are no exception.

You should pay her compliments

Tell a girl you like about the way she makes you feel. Praise her beauty, elegance, sense of humour or whatever you find particularly attractive.

Simple conversations work best

Keep in mind that girls in Thailand don’t speak English fluently. It would be foolish to bring up some controversial topics and sophisticated concepts. Talk about something simple, go with the flow and have fun.

All the best scoring an easy Thai hookup in Pattaya!


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