Thailand mail order brides: is that for real?

Everyone knows that Thailand is perfect for sex tourism and getting some very special massage. But what about serious relationships and getting married? Thai is no different to other Asian countries: it offers mail order brides too!

There are many model-looking girls among the citizens. They are petite, with doll faces, and a soft feminine smile. Thai women are usually well-toned, friendly, and know how to please a man. But that is not enough for marriage. What are their inner qualities then?

Thai women don’t want to be toys or masseurs for the rest of their lives. As more as it’s impossible and they are needed only till they are young and sexy. So they are trying to catch a good man in order to provide their older years too. But the reason for their search isn’t only financial. A gallant behavior isn’t a part of Thai culture at all. It’s totally like a fairy-tale for a Thai girl when you treat her as a gentleman. The local men are just trying to buy her with gifts or get her for free. No courtship is included.

So feeling like a pampered princess is new to Thai girls. They are so fascinated and reassured by this new possibility to live a qualitative life in all meanings, that they don’t mind older men or men with disadvantages. So it’s really easy to get a beautiful submissive wife in Thailand who isn’t too picky or spoiled. Thankfulness becomes her main trait, and she behaves accordingly. Oh and her second basic quality is sweetness. Thai girls have this spirit of freshness and a childish playfulness in them that totally blows Western men’s mind.

Maybe not all Thai women are masseurs, but nearly all of them are great cooks and lovers. After all, local traditions are very important for them and genetically remembered, so they can easily massage you the way you like.

So, all of the above is worthy of registering on the dating site with lots of Thai girls. But what comes next, and what to expect? Let’s analyze both good and bad sides of such a virtual communication.

First of all, it easily becomes real. There is the least quantity of scammers among Thai girls. One of the reasons is that they are indeed committed to find a long-time sponsor, a romantic partner, and not just one-time help or an affair. Another reason is that they used to be nice with people, and do their best in every activity, in order to survive. They have the same attitude towards their partner. If they see he can give them nice future, they concentrate all their energy on his happiness too.

The procedure of registration on the dating site is usual and doesn’t differ from other similar sites. Some of them give you a free trial for 3 or more days and others don’t. Thai girls gladly share their direct information with men as they are in hurry to start a new stage in life. Unlike European and/or Slavic girls, they are less restrained and suspicious, so you can quickly switch to chatting by messengers. They don’t keep things too complicated and prefer to talk face to face as soon as possible.

The rules of virtual dating are always same: analyze what the girls say, share your personal information wisely, don’t send the money before the real meeting, don’t be in hurry to jump to the airplane after a few sweet words but don’t hezitate too long either. When you meet a girl, make sure she isn’t too “perfect”: perfect English, perfect manners, perfect seducing strategy, or perfect moves. All that can mean she’s a professional dater or even a “girl for sale”. The more insecure and naïve a girl is on the beginning, the better chances are that you will build a happy and lasting relationship. Typical Asian girls aren’t very confident or vulgar. They tend to be modest and soft. So if you see the opposite behavior, be careful and think twice.

There are many success stories already connected with Thai women and Western men so your chances are realistically big.

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