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SEXY Asian dating is a popular dating site with many locations in Asia and thousands of girls online at any given moment of day. Vietnamese mail order brides, Korean, Chinese, and Filipino girls are widely presented on this site and app. The site is both membership-based and credits-based.



  • 10-seconds registration
  • A big number of attractive girls
  • Messaging is free
  • The gift delivery with confirming photos prove the girls are real


  • Audio and video calls are paid features
  • No scam protection




1 month of Premium subscription – $9.99

Extra paid features and in-app purchases


Steps of usage:

  • Fill your chosen username, birthday date, nationality, email address, and chosen password
  • Browse the profiles
  • Start free messaging



It’s quite sad and disappointing that so-called reviews are often nothing else but an advertisement of the site, without any constructive critics. We always do our best to provide our audience with the most detailed and many-sided reviews based on our analytics and observations. is a dating site for flirting. We put it into this category because it instantly promises SEXY Asian dating once you browse the main page. Its pinkish design and very young looking girls specially picked for the main page, prove that developers play on Asian women’s cuteness and childishness trying to attract as many not-so-serious men as possible.

The men themselves may like online flirting but believe our experience, this service is about nothing. It either advertises itself or promotes other sites but it rarely gives anything in return. Only mail order bride sites are giving real and considerable results. Even hookup sites are better than flirting sites as they at least bring real meetings regularly, instead of online games.

The majority of female photos on the site is severely edited in the Photoshop. It’s hard to say whether it’s the girls’ initiative or the site workers’ fault, but we have what we have. It’s not easy to trust such photos, but the site seems legit. The number of active female members online is impressive, but a man should be ready to the fact that at least a half of them will try to scam him. The site administrators do not provide a serious protection against that.Asian women

At the same time, the site isn’t just a money machine as the subscription fee is fairly low: $9.99 a month. Extra features such as the gifts delivery, are paid separately. There are too many girls online from different parts of the world, and they cannot be all considered fake. There are enough success stories coming from the male users of this site, to rate it “above average”. However, those success stories usually describe nice adventures in real or a no-strings-attached partnership, but not marriage. It again proves that is mostly for flirting. At the same time, it proves there are real girls in its base of members.

One can easily find a Korean mail order bride on this site. This country is widely presented here and the assortment of girls is pretty big. Those are students, housewives, businesswomen and divorced adventurers or even escort professionals among Korean women online. If to know from the beginning which category is the best for you, there will be no problem in choosing the right person.

Filipino wives mail order brides are the most serious and marriage-minded female pretenders on this site. Filipino women are known for their conservative thinking and strong family values. isn’t an exception. This kind of women aren’t there just for flirting. If your aim is to seriously date and eventually get married with an Asian beauty, Filipino girl should be your choice.

Another surprise for a serious men is ladies from Kyrgyzstan who are a combination of Asian beauty with Eastern European values. Since Kyrgyzstan was a part of the USSR, the mentality of these girls is similar to their Russian and Ukrainian peers’ thinking. It means, they are devoted wives, great cooks, and faithful lovers. Of course, the scammers happen among people of any category, so it is important to follow the common sense.Asian beauty with Eastern European values

For sure, you will rarely find here Thai women for marriage. They are mostly here for fun and for finding the sponsors. You can travel to Thailand and meet them in real, but most probably, they won’t be marriage-minded. Some Thai girls are serious, but judging by our experience, not on this site. We would say, their mentality is severely affected by the tourists who are coming to their country just for sex and erotic massage.

You might be happy to meet Chinese mail order brides on Asianbeautyonline. They are always down-to-earth and indeed committed to relocate, due to over-population in their own city and restrictions of the law. Low-class Chinese girls usually don’t join this kind of sites, they date only locals. Most probably, the girls who you are going to meet on this platform, are the models or at least well-educated urban citizens with good English.

Singaporean girls, on another hand, are harder to deal with. They are very self-confident and local men compete a lot for their attention. There are two categories of Singaporean women, successful businesswomen and spoiled daddy’s chicks who only want some money for another plastic surgery. Depending on their status, they will treat you accordingly. Businesswomen and successful office workers are sick of local men who are trying to buy their love. They rather look for a well-educated and intelligent gentleman. They are usually crazy about the Western type of appearance so they might want someone handsome too. But the second category of girls is dangerous for your pocket!

One should be especially careful if and when this site redirects it to It’s one of the most bad-reputated sites and it reportedly consists of the scam only. Just don’t follow this link and don’t use the Chnlove services.

Another suspicious fact is that girls are replying to the chat messages and letters super quick. We wouldn’t list that as an advantage. Are their paid models or sometimes even bots that they are always ready to talk? But, in this case we will reassure you that things aren’t that bad. This quick reaction appeared after the moment when Asianbeautyonline launched also the phone applications. Asian women are crazy about devices and use the phone all the time, so answering the men’s messages is like a pleasant game for them.

As you can see, it’s important to know a lot about Asian mentality before joining Asian dating platforms, as one’s success very often depends on this mentality and not on the technical and moral characteristics of the site itself. Of course, Asian women shouldn’t be generalized just like all the Caucasians. But it goes without saying that they are more feminine and submissive than Western women. It’s in their genes to stay youthful but it’s also in their blood to pretend they are very young and cute, as it’s a national habit. We have to warn you they often reach this goal with the help of tons of makeup or even plastic surgeries. You should always ask for their childhood photos to compare the shape of the nose, the eyes, the lips, and other features. Unless it doesn’t bother you!

Women from different countries and regions have different thinking. But we would summarize that all Asian women like Westerners, many of them are flexible enough to move and switch the culture, they take a man for a family leader, and they tend to always improve their looks in order to please him. In comparison with Western women, they are more naive and childish, it’s typical for them to be a man’s biggest admirers and fans. Even if some of them can be loud in home conflicts, they are obedient in the bedroom and like serving their man in all ways starting from tasty meals. Some of the Asian women are perfect lovers for one-night-stand but the majority of them are good as life partners.

If you love their type of appearance, but prefer Eastern European way of thinking, you can go for Kyrgyzstan dating. If you need an equal partner, Singaporean girls will suit you just well. If you want a good housewife, consider getting acquainted with a Filipino woman. If you are a big traveller and want to combine your trip with nice hook-ups, Thai girls are for you. But in any case, you should define from the beginning what exactly you want. It will simplify and speed up your search a lot.

Asianbeautyonline can be called a legit, average, semi-reliable, semi-qualitative dating site that should be used with certain caution and a common sense. The site is equipped with rather classical features and is very well promoted so its database is constantly growing. We recommend it to Western and Asian male singles of any age and location who are keen on Asian type of appearance and values.


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