The most surprising facts about meeting Muslim mail order brides

By statistics, there are almost 25 percent of Muslims in the world. It’s two billions of people! No wonder there are many singles among them, and they do want to find a future spouse using modern technologies. Of course, the Muslim world is still very conservative and relatives or friends may be suggesting the most appropriate wife to a single man, but people from more progressive regions don’t mind online dating.

When faces of Arab women in some parts of the world were finally uncovered, the societies were shocked by their amazing beauty. It appeared that Arab girls are often model-looking, classy, shic, eternally youthful, and with a very special charisma.

However, there are also African, Caucasian, Slavs, and Asian people whose religion is Islam. So it’s a diverse group with different cultural traditions and values but the majority of them are very religious and want a life partner with the same strong beliefs. That’s why Muslim mail order bride sites and apps became so popular lately. There aren’t too many of them, but the competition between existing ones is severe and the owners do their best to keep the quality high. It’s easy to Google those platforms and analyze the reviews about them but we’ll share some most common points with you.

This kind of dating is interesting even for non-Muslims or converted Muslims. In some countries, inter-religious relationships and marriages are possible, otherwise, one of the partners converts into Islam. It adds even more attractiveness to Muslim dating platforms.

First of all, a single Westerner should pay his attention to Lebanese mail order brides. They are a bright example of Arab women’s striking beauty. They usually have prolonged faces with harmonious features, big sparkling eyes, and the most gorgeous figure. Moreover, comparing to other Arab women, Lebanese girls have much more freedom to do what they want, wear what they want, get a better education, and date only those people who they really like. They even speak good English and it’s a norm for them. That’s why an American or European man has big chances with a Lebanese girl. They are widely presented in a dating market and it’s easy to meet them.

On another hand, Iraqi mail order brides are a bit harder to meet online. They are equally desirable and beautiful, and even if some of them cannot get a proper education for different reasons, they are extremely smart and good-natured. Yes, it’s all about Iraqi women! No wonder many want to see them as beloved wives in their life.

However, since the rules and laws are strict in Iraq, it’s mostly possible between the two Muslims only. The opposite happens when a girl is living in a central part of the capital or getting an education abroad, particularly, in London or New York. But even then, she may be hiding a foreign boyfriend from her friends and relatives unless she is already engaged and completely sure about her man’s intentions. In any case, many Iraqi women are fighting for their rights including the right to get married to their chosen one. The result of their struggle is the huge database of beautiful Iraqi personalities on Muslim dating platforms. These women make wonderful wives, wise, reliable, charming, and faithful. There is no scam or fraud in this environment as the relationship and marriage are sacred for them.

It’s also true that Iraqi women have very strong characters. Generation by generation, they had to go through the hundreds of challenges and even tragedies to form and calibrate their recent character and mentality. But what is fascinating about them as life partners, they show this strength only in stressful situations when they should protect their man or children, but they never use their inner power against the loved one. It’s their huge advantage in comparison with Western girls and their selfishness and/or aggressive behaviour.

Pakistani mail order brides slightly differ from the categories listed above. Their appearance is rather cute than gorgeous and they are closer to the Asian type as we used to see it. They have either round faces or faces with high cheekbones, mild glances, cute lips, and smaller noses. They are rather petite or medium-sized than very tall, and not too skinny. You could easily recognize them in the crowd by their friendly faces and gentle smiles.

As to their personality and values, they are still conservative Muslims with the classical and very traditional way of thinking, but they are less suppressed than Muslim women in other countries and slowly start to be Europe-oriented in their views. They happen to get married to the foreigners more frequently than already mentioned categories, and one can easily find them on Muslim dating apps or sites.

Pakistani women make outstanding wives, very gentle, obedient, and loving. At the same time, modern Pakistani girls do not rely on a man completely when it comes to a family budget. Instead, they use their good education or other skills such as cooking and babysitting, to earn some money and always have something in their pocket.

In Pakistani families, the fiance’s religious beliefs are less important than his reliability, old-fashioned and classical values, conservative views, supportive attitude, and so on. However, a woman will definitely expect her man to accept, respect, and probably share her traditions. In return, she will be ready to move, adapt to a new environment, and totally change her lifestyle if needed.

In general, as dating experts, we would definitely recommend finding a Muslim mail order bride online and go further with her. This decision leads to very exciting, totally positive, and reassuring experiences. Success stories about mail order brides are often connected exactly with Muslim women as they don’t tend to betray men or play with their feelings in any way. Dating an Arab or Pakistani woman might be the most optimistic thing you could ever do on the Internet. We highly encourage single Westerners to take their chance and become happier.


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