Top-10 Most Gorgeous Indian Women

Indian women are beautiful and charming. Their main quality is femininity, just look how they dance and move. That’s why Indian mail order brides are so popular among Western men.

Just a few decades ago, dating Indian women was nearly impossible for a foreigner as Indian national traditions were too strong. But times are changing fast and so are views of modern Indians. The smartest girls are getting a brilliant education in Delhi, London, or New York. They speak very good English and open their mind towards marrying to a foreigner. They still expect their chosen one to follow some of their traditions or at least respect them, but they are way too modern to make a problem out of it.

Of course, some of the modern Indian women partially lose their touching femininity on such serious positions as business owners or a doctor. But their faces and figures are irresistible anyway. By the way, they often have hazel or green eyes which adds to their seductive looks. We gathered the list of the most gorgeous Indian personalities to convince you if you still aren’t their biggest fan. These women just were lucky enough to be noticed by the Bollywood producers, but each one has a “twin” among simple Indians.

It’s impossible not to mention Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who rocked in the 90s. She even became Miss World in 1994. For now, she cannot be on the top of our list due to her age and fuller shapes, but on another hand, you can easily see on her example that Indian beauties remain stunning at any age. Aishwarya is absolutely cute and could be compared to Mila Kunis, but her features are more delicate and enigmatic. She also has a brilliant education of an architect so she could perfectly survive in this world even without an actress career.

Now, here is someone who would definitely drive you crazy if you met her online: Deepika Padukone. This actress has absolutely perfect facial features and shapes, she is totally gracious and sexy. However, she isn’t just a Barbie doll: she is a devoted fighter for women’s rights and raises the issues of people’s mental health. You would be proud of such a wife! And she is a product of Indian culture just like all those Indian mail order brides who you can meet online.

Deepika is only slightly exotic and could be easily taken for a European, but as to Shruti Haasan, she is definitely exotic and unusual. We would say, she looks a bit Greek. If you’re an admirer of legendary ancient goddesses, you are going to like this type a lot. Again, she isn’t just a doll on the big screen: she is also a talented singer who makes people cry of delight! As you can see, Indian girls are very gifted and many-sided.

Nicole Faria is another world-recognized beauty: in 2010, she won the title Miss Earth. Her unusual face would probably remind you of Liv Tylor. Sometimes genes are mixed in the most unexpected way and Indians aren’t an exception. Nicole has amazing shapes and is in the list of the most seductive women on the planet. Her frank photos symbolize the openness of Indian girls towards new tendencies and attitudes, in contrary to old-fashioned traditions and customs.

Saiyami Kher is another example of a European-looking Indian. She was born in 1992 and her fame as an actress and a model is still blossoming. It’s really difficult to stop gazing into her mesmerizing grey eyes, and the same feeling you will have when you meet the Indian mail order bride.

Young and stunning Zoya Afroz is called a new Aishwarya Rai and they really look similar, with their huge blue eyes and iconic features. Zoya looks like an alive illustration of such Indian masterpieces as Bhagavad Gita so she indeed has a classical Indian beauty. Would you like such a beautiful wife comforting you in your daily life?

We promised you some examples of Indian beauties with the hazel eyes. Sonarika Bhadoria is among them. Just like Arab or Greek women, Indian girls have somewhat bigger noses than our Western standards of beauty but this unimportant flaw is compensated by their big impressive eyes and full sensual lips. Moreover, their personality is shining through the physical appearance making them even more attractive.

Now, Athiya Shetty would be getting 1000 messages a day from men if she was in a dating site catalog. Her high cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes, smooth skin, silky hair, and very full, beautifully shaped lips are absolutely everything a man dreams about in his sexual fantasies. She is slim, gracious, and exotic, like the majority of Indian girls. Aren’t you already convinced to try dating one of them?

Rhea Chakraborty is hot not only by appearance but also by character: you can immediately see in her photos how passionate and energetic she is. It’s true: she works as a VJ on Indian MTV, not only as an actress. Therefore, Indian girls can be very inspiring and full of zest for life! You would never be bored with them.

It really wasn’t easy to choose our Number 10 as there are so many strikingly beautiful Indian celebrities, but since we promised you as many girls with grey/green eyes as possible, here she comes: Kriti Sanon. If to talk about the type of appearance, she can be probably compared to Israeli and Italian girls. She actually looks a lot like young Louisa Veronica Ciccone who became famous under the name Madonna. It again proves that Indian genes are full of surprises! But it’s definitely a kaleidoscope of amazing beauty.

Unlike central Indian girls, East Indian mail order brides live in the Carribean. Both their appearance and characters slightly differ from the women listen above. Their skin is darker, and they are a bit less open-minded about things. You probably won’t find grey or hazel eyes here very often. But they still remain very attractive and feminine, with the model parameters. They make wonderful wives and mothers, particularly, thanks to their conservative views and upbringing. It’s a bit harder to find them online or build a successful communication with them as they speak poorer English and typically don’t travel abroad for a good education, but international dating agencies make it all possible.

East-Indians went through more challenges historically and have much stronger characters. However, they are taught to be their men’s best helpers and to obey within the family. They aren’t full of career ambitions and used to do some modest job in small shops or cafes. As a result, they are less spoiled and feminist than modern Indian women.

It’s up to you which destination to chose for dating and travelling but you should know that you are making the best choice right now. Indian mail order brides get married once and forever: the marriage is sacred for them and the percent of divorces is extremely low in this environment. Even being models or actresses, they never abandon their home duties or family responsibilities. Their parents’ blessing is very important for them, and they always keep the balance between serving them and serving their husbands. Leaving them at home with the kids, you can be totally sure that children will get the best care and natural healthy treatment because a healthy lifestyle is in these women’s blood. There’s nothing more precious for them than family members so they will not escape or cheat. That’s why we think Indian women are a true treasure for Westerners.

For sure, you are wondering about another side of the marriage – intimacy. Indian girls don’t like to make this side public, and they are extremely loyal to their one and only partner. But they are very loving, tender, and open towards their man’s secret wishes. They are full of femininity and obedience, along with a joyful attitude and optimism, so your days and nights will turn into a beautiful fairy-tale. It isn’t so hard to arrange: just join the Indian dating site and start your miraculous journey.

Just don’t forget to remain a gentleman who respects themselves and their culture. In this case, you will reach success much faster and your love story will be among those hundreds of stories which already shaken the Internet with their beauty, sincerity, and harmonious ending. Appreciate your Indian bride and become her reliable rock – this kind of relationship is forever, if that is what you also want. It’s exactly a legendary wise wife who can advise and support you in any situations, covering your moral and physical needs with grace and elegance. She is the best cook, the most faithful lover, and the most impressive companion who makes you look happy and solid in other people’s eyes. It must be destiny that you are reading this article right now and your next decision will be to sign up on one of mail order bride platforms. Good luck and enjoy your unforgettable experience!

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