Ukrainian Mail Order Brides: Basic Tutorial

Ukraine became the most popular Slavic country for dating. Men from all over the world are coming here to find a bride or a girlfriend. Why? It’s obviously not only thanks to the beaches available in Odessa, Koblevo, Ochakov, Berdyank and Skadovsk. It’s also because Ukrainian girls’ beauty is hotter than in northern Slavic countries. Historically, Ukrainian girls are dark-eyed and with chestnut hair, although you can find a big variety of appearances there. Thanks to warmer climate and a more relaxing atmosphere than in Russia, especially on the territory of resorts, women choose to wear short skirts and open dresses. It’s also noticed that Ukrainians are much more smiling and hospitable. The desire for cooking and welcoming the guests is in their blood. All those qualities make Ukrainian girls extremely attractive for men from abroad.

So how does this process of search work? There is a huge quantity of Ukrainian dating sites on the Internet. Some of them are free but the majority is paid sites. You can be charged either for every month of membership or for every message you send or receive (i.e. you have to buy a certain quantity of credits). Usually, you are provided with 3-7 days of free membership, with limited options.

The beginners are always strongly impressed by the photos of Ukrainian girls. Many of them are model-looking, they got gorgeous figures, expressive eyes, sensual lips, and long hair. Of course, these photos are often Photoshopped, but you won’t find a very big difference between the image and a lady’s real appearance when you come to meet her. The girls’ disappearing before the first meeting is also rare as the sites demand the scans of their passports, phone numbers for the profile confirmation and even the short video presentation, – all to make sure the user is real. You have to be really rude and pushy to make her disappear. In other cases, girls normally don’t avoid the meeting.

Historically and genetically, the men are hunters in the dating process. But not when it comes to finding a bride online. There are hunters among the girls too. Some hunt for your finances in general, others just for free meals, gifts and the “taxi money”, and the third group is hunting for a prosperous husband. A man isn’t a ticket to Europe for the girls anymore since Ukraine already joined the EU so no visa is needed and the airplane flights are fairly cheap. But American men are still desirable sources of Green cards so they should always analyze a girl’s real motives.

Nowadays, many men are in hurry to get a girl’s phone number and email from the very first message on the site. The majority of them are also asking for her social network page. The men are guided by their practical concerns and a “modern” impatience. Not every girl who refuses to give her direct contacts is a scammer though. It’s not realistic to expect that she would easily give her phone number and a personal link to 20-30 men a day, unless she is a professional dater who survives on account of coming visitors. Being showered with Viber or Whatsapp messages is disturbing for a normal working girl. It’s totally healthy that she wants to keep on corresponding for a while before letting you into her life. On another hand, exchanging email addresses won’t disturb anyone. If she refuses to give her email address, that’s already a bad sign. It either means she didn’t like you or she is helping this site to profit by your communication.

Some agencies offer the service of pre-paid meeting with the girl. They guarantee she will arrive to the meeting and spend with you the pre-paid hours. It’s more reassuring than going to the nowhere of course, but it’s much less romantic and the girls feel like they are bought. Also it’s expensive since you are usually paying for the interpreter’s work, while many girls are in fact speaking good English.

The best way is to get acquainted and establish a warm communication with 5-6girls from the same city. At least 2 of them will meet you when you eventually arrive there. Ask from the beginning whether the girl is ready for removal and adapting to another environment. In general, Ukrainian women remain quite disappointed in local men’s values so your chances are pretty big.

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