What is the mail order bride exactly and why do you need one?

young mail-order brides’

The definition of mail order bride and its concept aren’t new. Surprisingly, they come from the nineteen century when single women listed themselves in the catalogues of first marriage agencies, just it was on paper and not on the Internet. Such catalogues were spread among interested men of other cities, states, or even countries so men could come to visit their chosen ones and find love despite the distance.

The same is happening now when men, mostly Westerners, can find a bride in any spot of the world using Internet technologies. Phone applications became a revolution in a dating world since using them is even simpler than using a home PC or a laptop. Dating process literally never ends because it takes place from the office, from the cafe, from the bedroom before we fall asleep, and it’s so easy to both meet someone offline locally or travel to a total stranger to establish an exciting relationship. Nothing is impossible with a modern mail order bride service as it erases the borders.

However, not all online dating sources can be called mail order bride services. Nowadays, there are many sites and apps simply for hookup, flirt, or special categories such as sugar dating or swinger dating. Strictly saying, only platforms that help to find a future spouse and provide proven success stories, can be called mail order bride sources.young mail-order brides’

So why is it a better alternative than offline search? And what are the pitfalls you must know about?

It goes without saying that our everyday life is closely related to the Internet. We make all purchases online, order restaurant dishes instead of just pizza choosing them by photo, book the apartments and vacations basing on the photos only. We became very technical and very visual. But plus to that, we are constantly busy. The volumes of work and the speed of business processes would seem enormous to previous generations. Every day we are working on some project. It can be self-development or money-making, but in any case, we definitely have not enough time for offline dating and hanging out every evening. Our relatives and acquaintances are too busy as well to arrange the blind dates for us. Where to find a partner then if things are so complicated?

So here is the answer, only mail order bride platforms may help. But online dating isn’t full of happy rainbows: you have to get real and prepare yourself in order to avoid the illusions and disappointments.

First of all, such platforms are mostly run by international dating agencies the interest of which is purely commercial. Doesn’t matter how much they insist they care only about your happiness, their main principle is no pay – no game. That’s why we suggest to concentrate your attention on free sites and app. They get their profit from the online advertisements so you personally pay nothing or just some symbolical amount of money for extra features. Avoid at all costs the pay-per-letter sites and apps, they will milk you endlessly as they are specially equipped for that.mail order bride

Secondly, it’s highly advisable that you make research about the users’ reviews on this or that mail order bride platform. Read them on different sources to make sure the reviews aren’t sponsored or fake. Join the site or app only if the majority of reviews are positive and there are success stories, too. They should contain the photos of the couple and their basic data such as names, age, and location. The very best variant is to read such reviews and success stories on social networks: this way, you will make sure the participants of the story are real and they indeed live happily ever after. But it isn’t necessary to be that paranoid, enough to take any trustworthy reviews into consideration.

The majority of international dating agencies are located in developing countries such as those of former USSR or poorer parts of Asia. Latin mail order brides are also a well-known and pleasant phenomenon. But seeking financial stability both for their customers and themselves isn’t the main reason why they are situated exactly there. Another reason is that Eastern European and Asian mail order brides can be extremely beautiful and feminine, with classical family values. Western women almost lost those values in their attempts to be stronger than men. That’s why girls of another mentality are in high demand in the West, and international online dating is equally important for both parts.

An idea of getting a mail-order bride from mentioned territories remains attractive for European and American men although it’s known in advance that Ukraine mail order brides and other girls from developing countries are less independent and financially secure, therefore men should spend much bigger amounts of money on organizing such a marriage. It includes the courtship in restaurants and shopping centers, the cost of airline tickets and a visa when necessary, and a girl’s adaptation or improved education in a man’s country.

There are men though who aren’t losing much. Their simple calculations show that they can save a lot by arranging a modest wedding, presenting cheaper clothes and jewellery than they would to spoiled local girls, and avoiding the marital agreement. In most cases, those calculations are correct as women from developing countries are usually happy even with a more modest stuff. However, they often have the inborn sense of style and a good taste so they become more demanding once the opportunities are bigger.Latin mail order brides

At the same time, there is one thing they usually hate: it is doing nothing. Unlike immature Western girls, Eastern European and Asian mail order brides are either hard-working or resourceful and imaginative enough to build a small business even in a strange country. So normally they won’t expect their husband to pay the bills alone forever. It is enough that he is faithful, moderately generous, and supportive enough to help her out and be a classical gallant husband.

However, it would be fair to admit that women above 35 y.o. make more reliable brides and eventually wives than very young girls who aren’t prepared for the nuances and challenges of integrating into another culture and a foreign family. Moreover, young mail-order brides’ expectations are closer to sugar dating than to an equal and balanced relationship. On another hand, older women are better protected from possible violence from a man’s side, as they are more aware of the laws and psychological habits of the particular country.

Those are all the pitfalls one should know about; we are moving towards the positive part. The statistics of international marriages is stably good. It shows that a percentage of successful marriages followed by having common kids and long years together is definitely higher than that of unhappy marriages which ended in a quick divorce. Men’s fears about girls’ mercantile interests and hunting for citizenship or thousands of dollars are normal but often not grounded nor proven. Women with post-Soviet or Asian communistic mentality often remain romantic and naive in their marriage expectations. They don’t have wrong intentions or plans, at least until their husbands don’t.

The absolute majority of Western husbands who once chose the mail-order bride option gain a super positive experience and feel satisfied with their new life. Ukraine mail order brides and other women from Eastern Europe perfectly cook, keep the house clean, always welcome and sincerely greet their husband’s friends and colleagues, make love with a great open-mindedness and imagination, and remain classy and feminine even behind the closed doors. If the choice is right, such a wife is literally a dream partner who rarely disappoints and never betrays you. It also concerns Latin mail order brides who are so unbelievably passionate and loyal.

People’s minds are severely affected by fears of Internet fraud and negative news. But the reality is much brighter when one follows the common sense. There are preventive measures we listed above; otherwise, international online dating is fun and promising. It is usually very joyful as mentioned girls know the art of flirting and are naturally humorous. It is also life-changing as they used to be highly responsible since their earliest years. Raised in families with only one provider or no providers at all, women from developing countries know how to survive in hard times and smile no matter what. They battle the stresses of real life with grace and bravery. It’s hard to say the same about Western princesses.

That’s why as dating experts, we confidently think that mail order bride service will never lose its relevance. We would even formulate it this way: if not foreign brides found over the Internet, the marriages in the civilized world would not take place anymore. It reminds the revolution: but rephrasing the school books’ definition, modern Western women can’t and modern Western men don’t want to live like before. Western women cannot make as good wives as in old times because they are too fascinated by feminism and Western men aren’t going to suffer or give up their normal wishes and instincts. The only solution in this revolutionary situation is international marriage. This way, Western men get a devoted life partner, foreign girls get stability, and Western women get their desirable freedom.

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