What’s ultimately the best app for Vietnam hookup online?

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Going for a Vietnam hookup the usual way, offline, is always an option, albeit not a perfectly comfortable one. If you find yourself visiting Vietnam for just such a reason, you should definitely try it, but save some time for a Vietnam hookup: online edition. Trying to find a partner online in a tropical Southeastern country is a very unique experience, not to mention a more comfortable alternative.

There are several apps you could try to achieve your goal, some are certainly more comfortable and fitting than the other, but comparing some may be controversial. Introductions aside, let’s see what’s the best dating app if you want to achieve a Vietnam hookup.

Why not an offline way?

Trying to find a company for the evening without an app is always an option, you can’t ever disregard it. If your ancestors could do it in the age when the English language wasn’t as wide-spread, then you can definitely do it.

However, it is a lengthier and more tedious process:

— Firstly, the lack of understanding is the most obvious challenge. Vietnam isn’t exactly a bilingual country. Most people know English, but on a very basic level — you can get a few well-learned phrases out of them, but not a full-fledged conversation. The chances of finding an English-speaking person online, however, are higher;

— Secondly, if you keep in mind that not many random people can talk back to you, you’ll realize that finding someone who does takes time. Trying a Vietnam hookup online will save time because you don’t spend nearly as much time in the case on failure;

— Thirdly, if you don’t know the country, and how to approach people there, you can get scammed fairly easily. The Vietnamese aren’t more prone to scamming people than other people, but it’s easy to become easy prey if you don’t know your way around

All in all, don’t get discouraged. You have great chances to find someone if you’re confident enough. And you certainly shouldn’t walk around in the places where it’s easy to get scammed.

Why try Vietnam hookup online?

Apart from the already highlighted reasons to use the apps for the Vietnam hookup, there are several more reasons that may seem reasonable to you. 

For instance, trying to reach out to the people who use Internet frequently will ensure you meet more like-minded people (given you yourself use the Internet often, otherwise it doesn’t matter much). If a Vietnamese person is using such a niche product as a dating app, chances are, they visit other apps and websites on a regular basis, which means they are more connected to an outside world. And it often makes people more open and inquisitive.

And then there’s also a matter of willingness. People on the street or in public places aren’t usually ready to start dating people who approach them right away. Neither do people on dating apps and websites. But these places, at least, are meant for people to find their love. If you approach someone there — you’ve already half-reached your goal since you don’t need to explain your intentions. You both know why you use the app.

Kyoto,Japan,Friends in the park.
Friends in the park.


One of the more sensible options to pick is the app called Momo. It’s not exactly a dating app, but a large portion of its users use it as such. It’s a sensible choice because the majority of Vietnam’s dating audience prefers it over other apps, more familiar to the western man.

The main issue with this app is immediately evident — there’s no English localization. Funnily enough, it isn’t absent because they forgot to add it, they just decided to remove it a few years ago. There are certainly ways to make the interface comprehensible, but you have to search first.

Momo isn’t meant for the Europeans or Americans, as you may have already understood. It’s designed specifically for the Asians, Chinese above all. But below Chinese, there are groups like Viets, Koreans, Cambodians, and so forth. It’s one of the most popular apps in both China and Vietnam, and it’s certainly the most popular media in both countries. The bottom line is — it’s beneficial to use it in Vietnam.

Is it good?

After you’ve downloaded it and figured out what the interface says, you’ll find it’s a decent app. Especially a very good dating app, though it’s not promoted as one. It’s even used as such by many users.

Exactly why it’s so great as a dating app is a simple question. The way Momo works resembles the way Tinder and virtually any other modern dating app operate. You tinker with your own search setting, and the algorithm gives you a list of people in your general area.

And, unlike the real dating apps, Momo doesn’t charge you money for trying to talk to people. Other apps forbid you to even approach the users if you aren’t subscribed. Momo sells subscription deals that contain things like extended settings, extra content, and a feature that enables you to see who visited your profile. It seems like a decent deal, unlike the rip-off the hookup apps try to sell you.

Momo may not block you from talking to people before you pay up, but you still can’t talk to them properly. Remember that you are in Vietnam, and Vietnam isn’t bilingual. In China, you could use Momo well because a lot of Chinese really try to learn English.

The situation in Vietnam isn’t as great. An average Viet is less concerned about studying English. If they want a second language, they’ll master Chinese, after all. You still can get results out of Momo, but it takes time. And thus, you’re back to the problems of offline dating — people don’t speak English, and the process itself is time-consuming. At least you don’t get scammed as much.

Still, it’s probably much more comfortable to use it instead of trying a Vietnam hookup online. At the very least, Momo deserves respect. It allows people to get together without paying for it, and it’s commendable. Even though the developers would definitely rip you off if it was a genuine dating app.Sakai City, Osaka,Japan,A working woman in an office building.


Badoo is a great dating app. It shouldn’t surprise you that it’s the most downloaded hookup app in the world — it still charges you money, but in exchange, they give a lot of features and opportunities. Maybe that’s why it’s the top-used real dating app in Vietnam. The Vietnamese probably don’t like being ripped off for virtually no features, that’s why they don’t use Tinder as much.

However beneficial the app can be for the Vietnamese, it’s even more beneficial for you. It has a few very useful properties that allow you to comfortably date the Vietnamese (or other non-bilingual people) for a fair fee. In Vietnam, using Badoo is even more relevant, because it negates almost all the problems you have with the usual Vietnam hookup. Let’s see how it does that.

Extensive search options

What’s really terrific about Badoo is its on-point search options. The app is truly worldwide. Whereas Tinder if focusing on the English-speaking community (Britain, Western Europe, the United States, Australia, India, and others), Badoo doesn’t make exceptions. The developers are trying to promote their creation virtually everywhere. They have all the tools for that.

The search mechanism allows you to find whatever type of person you like. Among the possible options: the interests, the hobbies, the stance on the relevant questions, the physical attributes, and, most importantly, in this case, the language.

You can indicate what language you speak, and English, of course, is an option. If a Vietnamese user indicated just that in their profile, you’ll find them in your search. The fact that you can do it alone negates the issues of understanding and longitude of the search. And you also don’t get scammed that often on this app.

Badoo is a double-edged sword, however. It is great that you can find the English-speaking people in a click, but there may not be many. Depending on the are in the country, you may not find many people who speak English. There may not even be many Badoo users. That’s why for your dating trip (given you want to use Badoo), you need to stay in the large cities, that’s where the app shines.

Other benefits of using Badoo

As mentioned, with Badoo you can find people to your absolute liking. Tune whatever options there are to find the individuals most like-minded to you (if you have enough people to choose from, of course). The hash-tag feature highlights your hobbies, passions, interests, and sometimes qualities. You can put a lot of these hash-tags in your profile to appear more in other people’s search sequences.

It may be virtually anything, even the name of the movie you like. Just press on the hash-tag with its name and see if people around you like it too. It gives you near-infinite possibilities.

Vietnam itself is pretty distant from what you’d call a ‘western country’. It’s fairly modern, but not in the European sense of this word. It’s definitely not a country with the Internet culture, for instance. Badoo lets you pinpoint people most similar to you in many aspects, something other apps can’t.Kyoto,Japan,Two women, friends, taking a selfie in the park.


All the precautions and disadvantages of Badoo apply to Tinder also. It has a numerous community in Vietnam, virtually all countries in the world have one. However, there are no brilliant benefits to bring the app into balance.

Tinder isn’t exactly best-suited for your average Vietnam-hookup. It has a very limited amount of features: you can swipe, like the profiles, and talk (once you’ve paid up), and that’s pretty much it. 

If you were to turn it up in the Vietnamese city, it might be challenging for you to find people who’d respond to you. You will find someone, of course. After a bit of a search, you can find anything and anyone you want. Tinder itself is fit for a quick search — you swipe the user away, see if the new one has any signs of speaking English, swipe away, and repeat. Message enough people and eventually you’ll find a company.

Tinder may sound horrible for this time of the job, and maybe it is, but it has a few very good advantages that Tinder-users may utilize, so you shouldn’t just throw away the app. After all, if you already have Tinder installed and paid-for, why would you buy Badoo, even if it’s a better option?

The upsides

Tinder is not without benefits, naturally. The line explaining the Badoo being the gates to the outer Internet, openness and inquisitiveness, applies to Tinder, too. It maybe applies even better, because Tinder is more well-known, albeit less-used in Vietnam.

Tinder is downloaded by the people who willingly get interested in how the people in the west date. And Tinder itself is more centered on the quick hookups, it has no interest options or any extensive settings — it just gives you a bunch of profiles to pick from. And there’s use in it.

It’s common knowledge that Tinder users often only want to hookup each other. The Viets without at least some eagerness to do the same won’t download it.

In the end, it may shorten your time of search even more if you choose to use Tinder, you can’t disregard it just because other options are better.

What app to choose

Well, these are your options. There are certainly other apps at play in Vietnam, but these three are the major players, and you still need to pay even for the apps that don’t work here, so it’s largely counterproductive.

If some of the benefits have lept out of your memory, let’s sum it up:

  1. Momo is great if you’re lucky enough to find people who speak English. Theoretically, you’ll be very successful with it in the right place and time;
  2. Badoo is very efficient but may lack the users to work with. In the worst-case scenario, you can try and extend the search distance far away and see if you find someone like-minded and bilingual;
  3. Tinder is probably the less-efficient of all, but if what you want is a quick hookup and not much more — then Tinder is your number one app

In conclusion

All the apps have their flaws and trying the Vietnam hookup offline my not work as planned either. Such is the world, everything you try is flawed. And that must give you some wisdom — in all your endeavors on this front, you’ll constantly need patience. One day it will be rewarded and you’ll have a great experience to reminisce about.

Sadly, that’s the end of this article. If anything in it was of any help to you, that’s great. Otherwise, it’s too bad. But if you want to know more about online dating as it is, feel free to check out the video below, it may even prove informative:

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